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Opening Day Success! Opening day velvet b… The Gut Piler Grin !…
Opening day velvet buck
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Opening day seen a lot of action in the morning. So I went home to eat and returned to the tree @ 4pm. After about 2 hours I was getting ready to get down when 5 doe's came in to my pile. The does had been looking around to my left. To looked down my shooting lane and about 30 yards away seen this buck come walking down the midle of my shooting lane. So I ranged him at 32 yards then shot my bow and hit him in the spine knocked him to the ground. I was thinking no tracking him down . Walked up to him and seen that he was still in Velvet. My first ever velvet buck in the all the years that I have been hunting. I was great to end the opening day with a nice 6pt velvet buck. dressed out to be 117 1/2 LBS

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Bowkill NJ

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PostedSeptember 15, 2010, 05:39:53 PM
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