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Gut Pile Sam
Show some patriotism and join Gut Pile Sam!   :twisted:
 Views: 488
Posted by Gutpiles
Dec 10, 2012
in Misc Pics
Right before missing a 5 yard shot on an elk thanks to a previously unseen branch
 Views: 491
Posted by HillbillyBeast
Dec 05, 2012
in Hunting Camp Pics
Moose down
The moose my dad took 2 years ago in NW Colorado
 Views: 495
Posted by HillbillyBeast
Dec 04, 2012
in Success Pics!
Muley Buck
Colorado Mule Deer buck taken during early rifle season
 Views: 467
Posted by HillbillyBeast
Dec 04, 2012
in Success Pics!

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Wonder who's going to win this one?
 Views: 221
Posted by Big58cal
Nov 14, 2010
in Trail Cam Pics
Nigerian Debt Collector
Robert Clarkson shared this one on FB, so we had to share it here!  So you think you're dogs are tough?   :twisted:

 Views: 1575
Posted by Gutpiles
Oct 22, 2010
in Tame Critters
gutpilestyle body work
 Views: 456
Posted by Gutpiles
May 28, 2011
in Misc Pics
 Views: 200
Posted by Gutpiles
Feb 22, 2010
in Wild Critters

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