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Title: Maybe This Will Be a Better Season than Last....
Post by: bohicajuan on October 18, 2010, 07:58:01 PM
Well, I didn't get one opening weekend of gun season but one of our club members killed a SWEET 10 point that I'm guessing will go about 125-130, and weighed over 200lbs.

Another member got a respectable 8 point that would go about 110-115, and was close to 200lbs also. They'd both been feeding on corn and wheat and cow peas that were planted in the area.

Had a spike and a 3 point taken as well, and another member missed one that had a rack, but he couldn't tell how big it was. I think he got buck fever, but he swears that the deer moved behind some brush just before he pulled the trigger. He'll be getting razzed for the remainder, so I better NOT miss if I get a chance!

The 8 point, the 3 point and the spike were all shot Saturday and the 10point was killed on Sunday. They were all killed in the morning between 730am and 1100am.

I saw one doe Saturday afternoon, but they're not legal yet and saw enough squirrels on  Saturday and Sunday, to give Nick and BC wet dreams for the next two month's. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :roll: :wink:

Didn't see any deer Sunday though.

We took the 10 point up to the cooler to get it processed and I spoke with the owner who said this year was a 1000% better than last. He admit's he got some increased traffic from the closure of two nearby processing coolers, but he stil believe's that more deer have been taken this year than the same period last season.

He believe's that more people are hunting this year AND the weather is cooperating. He only had 14 deer for all of bow and BP season last year. He had 37 this year.

Opening weekend of gun season last year had 12 bucks brought in. This year he'd had 29 bucks brought in by the time we showed up and I'm pretty sure a few more came in after we left.

Last year really sucked across the board in Georgia, so I guess we're do for a little good luck.

Title: Re: Maybe This Will Be a Better Season than Last....
Post by: John Andrews on October 19, 2010, 09:48:31 AM
I agree, things are looking much better for ya this year, bo.  O0
They aren't killing much of anything here this year, yet.