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Title: Another opportunity
Post by: Ks_Sniper on September 11, 2011, 02:40:03 AM
So nobody wanted to chip in for the GutPileStyle hunting lodge. That's fine. I can live with that and understand that money's tight for a lot of us. :roll: BUT... I came across this little piece of heaven. Instead of having a GPS Ranch & Hunting Lodge, what about GutPileStyle Island?!? Huh? HUH?  O0 (

I'm tellin ya... THIS is the way to go. So, who's in and for how much? Just 13.5 Million dollars stand between us and our dream.  :idiot2
Title: Re: Another opportunity
Post by: John Andrews on September 11, 2011, 07:21:04 AM
 O0 Yeah! And it has its own landing strip!

And bo would finally have enough room for all his gals to chase him!

We could turn jillions of squirrels loose there to hunt, too.  :twisted: