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Title: Something Weird Today
Post by: Big58cal on December 03, 2011, 09:22:58 PM
Took the crossbow out this morning for a little while.  Our late muzzleloading season opens next weekend, so I mainly went down to put out some corn, but figured I might as well see if I could go ahead and get one while I was down there.  ;)   Had 2 deer come in brom behind me and down wind, so they got my scent before they got anywhere close to being in range.  :x   Had a couple of turkeys come in to, but they stayed around 30 yds away and kept moving, so I couldn't get a shot at them either.  :tickedoff   
Quit hunting around 10:30, walked back to the 4 wheeler and went back to the truck to drop the bow and backpack and get the corn.  Got the corn put out and then went riding around just checking things out.  That's when it got a little weird.
Back in September I had taken the chain saw up there and cleaned out a bunch of the stuff that was across the roads and such.  While I was at it, I blazed a trail down a small point that flattened out, got wide, and had a low center to it, kind of like a saddle in a ridge.  I've hunted it a few times, but not much.  Figured I'd cut a trail down to it if I wanted to take the 4 wheeler down to put some corn out, a tree stand, or to get a deer out if I needed to.
When I got down onto the flat, I saw a pretty good sized cedar tree about 40 yds away that looked like it had been rubbed.......... The whole freaking tree!  :o   I rode over to it to have a closer look.  Sure enough, the whole freaking tree had been rubbed, with top 3-4' being broken out and laying there on the ground.  The tree, as it was with the top broken out of it, was still a good 10' tall.  There were broken limbs all the way up to the top, with the bark shredded starting about 2' off the ground all the way up to the top.  This wasn't a little tree either.  At chest height, it was probably 4" in diameter.  :o   I looked down at the base of it and could tell it was cracked/broken from being bent over.
Now, there's only 2 things that I can think of that could/would do something like that....... an elk or a bear.  A bear, I've seen where they've scratched trees before, but it was nothing like this.  That pretty much just leaves an elk.  :?   It's not "impossible" for it to be an elk, but highly unlikely.  Still, that's the only thing I can think of that would do that to the tree.  I took a screen shot from the hunting guide showing where the elk restoration zone is in KY (the dark area in the lower right corner of the state) and then colored in Marion County (where I hunt) in red.  That's pretty good clip for an elk to travel.
Momma has said before that she's heard something scream (a.k.a. "bugle") like an elk before over there where I hunt, but I figured that: 1) she's old; 2) she doesn't really know what an elk sounds like; 3) it was probably a cow bellowing.
So from the looks of it, I've either got a bear or an elk down there.  Bears I can't shoot, but an elk I can.  >:D   They try to keep the elk in the designated counties in the elk restoration zone.  If one stays outside of the zone, they're fair game for deer hunters.  O0   How freaking cool would that be I one showed up on me down there?  :D
Title: Re: Something Weird Today
Post by: John Andrews on December 04, 2011, 10:01:22 AM
 :twisted: O0 ELK! Git em, BC!
Title: Re: Something Weird Today
Post by: MOSPARKY on December 04, 2011, 11:15:36 AM
That would be so freaking cool, if it is indeed legal. In my state it definately is not.

 Maybe you need to record one of those hunting shows where they are hunting elk and play it for mom. Just to see if the bugleling on the show is what she has been hearing. Then get after him.
 If it is indeed a stray bull from the main herd, he won't stick around long in his search for cows. It may be too late already.
Title: Re: Something Weird Today
Post by: John Andrews on December 05, 2011, 08:52:51 AM
A short while back I was working with one of our new guys at a remote gate. He told me it sounds crazy, but he thought he heard elk a couple of days before, not far from the gate. I laughed and informed him he did indeed hear elk. There is an elk farm close by, a short distance down the fence and outside.  :)

A few years ago some of those elk escaped and were running inside our wooded installation. The owners had quite a time rounding them up.  ;D Where they were running was heavily wooded and really rough country.
Title: Re: Something Weird Today
Post by: bohicajuan on December 05, 2011, 08:00:19 PM
Oh God! BC is seeing bigfoot again! Last time this happened, BC said he'd been abducted by aliens that looked like Elvis and GP. Said something about an anal probe too!
 ;D ;D ;D
 :D :D :D
 :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
 :shock: :shock: :shock:
 :-P :-P :-P :roll:
 :roll: :roll: :roll:
 :idiot2 :idiot2 :idiot2

I think I've told this story before but it's similar to Johns story. I used to hunt an area that had two or three elk farms around it. One year, the father of one of our members came down from Michigan to hunt with us. A real nice guy but he hadn't done any deer hunting before.

We put him between his son and I in an small bottom that was loaded with acorns and muscadines. Heard him shoot about 9:00am and got down to go look for him.

I found him and was scared he was going to have a heart attack. He was real pale and I thought he was going to hyperventilate. His son showed up and we calmed him down since he couldn't really talk. After calming him down, he said he'd shot a huge elk.

I asked how huge? He proceeded to tell me it was at least 700lbs. He was shooting a 30-06 so he had enough a gun. We asked what happened and he said it had fallen in a firebreak.

So off we went to look for the elk. The way the law is in Georgia, these elk are not native and therefore are considered the property of the landowner. Put simply, if you see one on your property, you can legally kill it.

While looking for the elk I saw a 4 point whitetail lying in the firebreak and thought someone had shot and lost it. I checked the carcass and you didn't have to be Quincy to know it was a fresh kill.

At this point the gentleman was all beaming and pointed at the deer and told us to look at the huge elk. The deer went 84lbs field dressed, btw!

But this man had never seen anything this big before and he obviously had a major case of buck fever.  :D ;D :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
Title: Re: Something Weird Today
Post by: Big58cal on December 06, 2011, 09:19:16 AM
Bigfoot was what the wife said when I mentioned it to her.  ::)

I can't get a cell signal down there, so I leave the phone in the truck. I had already dropped the bow and backpack at the truck prior to going back up there, so between the phone and the camera in the backpack, everything that I had that could take a picture was in the truck.  :x

I honestly don't really expect to see one up there. "But" if I do, it's either going to get a .54 cal Barnes Expander bullet or an Excalibur Firebolt arrow through it's lungs.  O0 >:D


RESTORATION ZONE Elk may be taken from any county
outside [/color][/size]the restoration zone by hunters
who possess an annual Kentucky
hunting license and an out-of-zone elk
permit. These hunters must follow deer
season and equipment regulations, but
are not required to possess a deer permit.
Elk taken in counties OTHER THAN

count toward the deer season limit.
Title: Re: Something Weird Today
Post by: BigStrutter on December 06, 2011, 08:16:23 PM
Never say it's too far for an elk to travel..........we had a cow elk hit here in Haywood Co. NC that had a Kentucky tag in her ear!!!! It was before NC released any elk so that heffer made it all the way down from KY to western NC for some god forsaken reason.

That definitely sounds like a bull got ahold of that tree though.

Title: Re: Something Weird Today
Post by: John Andrews on December 07, 2011, 09:39:24 AM
Heck, that was Matilda, that blond Sasquatch that was always pestering BC in the GP camp. She always mooned away and crooned until BC showed up. She even went to the creek and attempted to wash some of the stink off, to entice BC.

We always knew when BC was arriving. Matilda always started her hooting and primping until BC walked into camp.

I bet she was headed to BC's house for Christmas. She can track like a bloodhound. Watch your back trail, BC! If she sneaks up on ya, she will have her way with ya!  :shock:  :shock: