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Title: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: MOSPARKY on April 17, 2013, 11:50:55 PM
I had a great day afield, but alas no bird in hand. It's downright amazing how a morning afield can brighten the rest of your day.
 The day got off to a bad start. Got up at 4 am at the son-in-laws by 5:30. It was overcast, misty, foggy and a bit chilly. He left his boots in the bed of his truck and was running a blowdrier in them to dry them out before he put them on. that got us on the road a little later than planned. We got to the lease and started to unload. I grabbed my trusty 12 ga and reached for shells. They were yellow !! damn I got a 12ga shotgun and 20ga shells. Son-in-law bailed me out. He said he's killed a hundred birds, I should take his gun and shells and he's gonna call. Now we ride the 4 wheeler down to a sport near a food plot. Dang it, there's 2 hens in the corner of the plot and they are looking right at us. Busted. Heard 2 more fly down about 20 yds to our left. Finally got positioned and nobody wanted to come out and play or even talk about it. After2 sets, we moved yet again. Now we head down a field road toward another food plot. 100 yrds away, right in the middle of the road, there are 2 deer feeding. I fully realize that if we spook them they will flag and run, taking any and all turkeys with them. Turkeys probably won,t stick around to see what scared the deer, they'll vacate post haste as well. Now we wait for them to move off to the woods and we began a slow but not too quiet approach, hoping they will just meander away from us. Seemed to work OK, but can't prove it, still no birds. Finally we set up on the last stand we had time for. He called and Lo and behold a gobble !! I'm guessing maybe 100yds out. wait...wait...wait... call again. Another gobble, this time maybe 75 yds. At this point I get the gun leveled off and ready to minimize movement in the critical moments. Wait...wait...wait.. one more short call. Another gobble... back to 100 yds out. Now it's time to P on the fire and call in the dogs. I have to get home and ready for work. Driving back to my car, he gets a call. His buddy wants him to come hunt and do some 'shrooming. He dropped me off, I wished him luck, kill a bird now that you're shed of you're bad luck charm LOL. An hour and a half later, I'm at home and the phone rings, guess what... He got his bird !! The sun came out and the birds got real co-operative and talkative.
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: John Andrews on April 18, 2013, 09:19:32 AM
 :shock: Bum luck, MO! You might as well have slept in!
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: bohicajuan on April 18, 2013, 10:51:53 PM
That's why they call it hunting!

We've all had those days. :'( :'( :shock: :shock:

Nutz has them everytime he goes out!! ;D :roll: :wink:

At least you got out and saw some feathers! O0 O0 O0 O0

I haven't had a chance to go yet. The freaking Final 4 kept me busy and then I needed some sleep! :'( :'( :'(

Haven't had a chance to take some of the wounded vets yet. Between the POS-POTUS trying to disarm the citizens and this da** bombing in Boston, They think it could happen here! Who would notice? Or care?

I'm working like a slave. I forgot what sleep is, I'm so busy.

Make matters worse, Taylor Swift is in town for a concert tonight and tomorrow and the show just let out with a million teenie bopper girls and their moms running around and being retarded.
Nights like these I thank the Mighty Odin, I don't have any family. Its just too much for a mere mortal to endure!!

Hang in there. You know the birds are there, and all you have to do is keep going, and you'll get you one before you know it. O0 O0 O0 O0 O0

Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: MOSPARKY on April 19, 2013, 12:47:17 AM
Oh yeah, I'll go again. Even with the "bad" luck, I was in a great mood the rest of the day and night. A great hunt does not have to mean a full game bag.
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: Big58cal on April 19, 2013, 09:03:51 AM
A bad day in the woods beats a good day at work.  O0
Keep at it, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.  ;D
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: MOSPARKY on April 25, 2013, 10:46:54 PM
Round 2 didn't go any better. why is it weather is nice the day before and the day after I hunt, but on that day all heck breaks loose ? Got in position way early this time, with the proper shells and gun as well. Weather ? well it sucked. Cold, windy, light rain and....SNOW !!! That's right , I said the "S" word, at the end of April. It didn't accumulate but as you looked out against a darker background it looked like a freaking blizzard.
 It's starting to look like someone upstairs either wants me to work hard for that first turkey or doesn't want me to do it at all. I'm going a bit deaf, so I'm not getting the message real clear. I'll try again next week, if things work out.
 Darnedest thing is we actually got on some birds. We walked right up on them and we didn't see them, they didn't see us until we were 20 yds apart. We dropped straight to the ground ( hidden by a slight knoll) and they didn't spook. After a few mins we started calling. they started calling back and a hen came to investigate. We had been caught in the open, but fully camo'ed. She walked to within 10 yds, turned and walked back. Then she putted. Figuring we were screwed anyway, SIL putted back. Never thought this would work. here we sat for 3 mins or so putting back and forth and the never flushed. Finally a Jake or bearded hen came to check it out. Stub of a beard, but a beard non-the-less. I put a bead on the center of the neck and fired. Feathers flew and so did the birds. Guess he found a hole in all those pellets.
 The birds were really tight lipped. The only gobble we heard came from a pinned domestic that the landowner has up at the house.
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: John Andrews on April 26, 2013, 08:10:34 AM
 :shock: :sad: Dang! Close, but no cigar, MO!
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: Big58cal on April 26, 2013, 04:30:01 PM
This is going to sound like a stupid question Mo, but you do have a turkey choke in your gun and you have patterned it, right?  :?   It took me several different choke and shell combinations before I finally found one that I was happy with that threw a nice even pattern with no holes in it.
Usually in lousy weather like that, the birds are pretty tight lipped.  There are exceptions though.  That picture I posted of Mason and I with the jake, the morning I got shot it, it was cold, windy, and spitting rain off and on.  But even through all of that, I had a group of 5 jakes answer my calls and come to me.  That's about the only time I've had anything answer me in crappy weather though.  The birds are still out there, but most of the time, you have to do like you did and ambush them.
Mason and I are going this weekend.  The only question is "when".  He was wanting to go tomorrow morning, but I saw on the weather this morning where they're calling for rain all day tomorrow, mainly south of Louisville (where we'll be at).  The rain is moving out Saturday evening/night.  Sunday morning is supposed to be bright and sunny, but then rain is supposed to move back in in the late afternoon.  I was telling him that Sunday morning would be the better time to go, since we would be able to move around from spot to spot, his call would work (his push button call won't work in the rain), we wouldn't be cold and wet, and the main thing, the birds would be more active without it raining.  He still said something about going in the rain.  ::)   I told him, "Trust me boy, daddy has been there, done that.  There ain't much that's worse than being cold and wet.  If you can keep from it, you don't want to do it."  ;)   I told him to think on it today.  Then I guess tonight I'm going to TELL him that we're going Sunday morning.  ;D   I'm still getting over a pretty mean case of bronchitis.  The last thing I need is to get out in the rain and get cold.  ::)   I've got his shotgun patterned and ready to go and he'll be the one shooting.  I'll just be calling.  If we do happen to call in more than one bird though, since you can only take 1 bird per day, I'm going to have to let my 12 gauge roar since I haven't filled a tag yet of course.  ;) ;D
Keep at it Mo!  O0   I've hunted turkeys in just about every weather imaginable.  ::)   90 degree heat waves on down into the 20's with the wind howling and snow on the ground.  Snow storms, rain storms, you name it.  I've fought ticks, mosquitos, no-see-ums, and other assorted bugs and critters.  It's just all part of the game.  O0   I started turkey hunting when I was 15 (1985).  Back then, there weren't many birds in KY.  I hunted off and on through the years, but didn't get serious about it until I was in college, probably sometime around 1990-1991.  After that, I hunted about every year I believe, but I didn't get my first bird until 2002.  :o   Now, you want to talk about it taking a long time to get your first bird?  I don't want to hear it!!!!!  :tickedoff :tickedoff :tickedoff   Spoiled hunters now days!   :tickedoff :tickedoff :tickedoff
 ;D ;D ;D
But I was on my own and didn't have anyone to show me.  I had to learn everything myself the hard way most of the time, by trial and error, and by watching and listening to the turkeys.
Hopefully, it won't take you as long as it did me to get the monkey off your back, but just be patient.  The more time you spend out there after them, the more you're putting the odds in your favor of bringing one home.  ;)
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: MOSPARKY on April 27, 2013, 12:16:00 AM
Not a stupid question at all. No turkey choke, not patterned in a long time. I had to buy a new box of shells because I couldn't find the ones I had. Walley World only had one box of 12 ga. in any flavor. Luckily they were 2 3/4 #5 shot. I never shot #5 at any time. Bought them the night before the second hunt.  So there was no time to pattern them. The choke tube was another problem. The house has been reshuffled to accommodate kids moving back with us and then out again ect and my "room" has been over stuffed with crap that don't belong there. Until it gets emptied out I have no idea where to look for my choke tubes. I was stuck with the IC tube that is currently in the gun. Money is tight and I didn't want to invest in a special purpose tube if I didn't have to.  A turkey choke is on my list of must haves for next year. That's right, I've decided this is fun enough I'm gonna do it again next year. Maybe turkey chokes will go on clearance after season. That how I got my mouth calls. I think these calls are too big for me. Gonna get more so I can cut these down and not screw up my only ones. Decoys are on the list as well. Ex-SIL works at BassPro and with his discount I can get them pretty cheap. I'definately going to have to spend a little money before next year.
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: Big58cal on April 27, 2013, 02:26:38 PM
No offense man, but if you're using an improved cylinder choke, you should probably borrow your ex-SIL's gun.  That's going to throw way too wide of a pattern to do any good.  Even though you're shooting a shotgun, you're essentially aiming like you would with a rifle.  You want a concentration of the pellets in the head/neck area where you're aiming.

With Mason's little 20 gauge at 20 yards this was the concentration of his pellets:



In the neck bones and brain, I counted 37 hits.  The main thing is though, with that main concentration, there aren't any big gaps in it where a bird can escape unscathed.  With one of the other loads I tested, there was.  That automatically knocked it out of the running for me.

Also, Mason's gun normally shoots a little high anyway.  With the turkey loads it was shooting even higher and just a touch to the right.  Without having shot it prior though, I wouldn't have known it.
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: MOSPARKY on April 27, 2013, 11:09:15 PM
I haven't had a problem with squirrels and such walking thru my pattern, but I never shot this load before either. I might get a few minutes to find out where the bulk of my shot hits, but that's about it for this year. I been looking at choke tubes. Holy crap, some of them folks are really proud of their product. $20 to way over $100. I'm not that into it. Is there really that much difference in performance ? I'm thinking going cheap and getting a Red Head or Hunter specialties for $20 before the kids discount.
New rubber boots are on the list as well. Another holy crap event. Camo boots start at about what I think the top of the line are worth and they go way up from there. These are just molded rubber boots for crying out loud. No leather bonded to a sole with eyelets and laces or zippers, nothing special to cost more in labor or time. Guess I have been out of the loop too long. One thing for sure, this is the wrong time of the year to shop for such things.
 The way things are going maybe I'll have to start saving for a new shotgun. It's getting hard to find 2 3/4 inch, 12 gauge shells. There's not a lot to be had in ammo for anything right now. I might have to learn to reload but components are tough to get and getting expensive too. I do have a reloader, just have no idea how to use it.
 Just for reference my shotgun is a Winchester 1200 chambered in 2 3/4 12 gauge. If anyone has recommendations on the choke tubes.
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: Big58cal on April 29, 2013, 11:09:47 AM
You have been out of the game for too long.  ;D
Turkey hunting isn't exactly a rich man's sport, but there are a few specialized things that you have to have in order to do it, namely a turkey choke and turkey shells.
As for the gun, you probably do need to invest in one that shoots 3" shells.  3 1/2" isn't necessary.  I've got one, but only because I lucked on one for a pretty good deal that I couldn't pass up.  Before that though, I killed plenty of turkeys with 3" shells.  You should be able to find a good used Remington 870 Express Magnum chambered in 2 3/4" & 3" for $100-$150.  Prices are pretty high right now with everything going on, but they should go down.  Just watch Gunbroker and your local pawn shops.  The reason I say an 870 is because they are so popular, you will have no problem finding accessories or choke tubes for them.
For the choke tube, they do make a heck of a difference!!!!!  Just like with the jake you peppered, if it had been a squirrel, I'm sure it would have been dead, but since it was a turkey, all you got were feathers.  Turkeys are tough birds to kill!  That's why you shoot them in the head/neck and not the body.  Those feathers deflect alot of shot.  Like I said, even though you're shooting a shotgun, you're aiming like you're shooting a rifle.  That's why a lot of people (me included) have scopes on their turkey guns.  You want to throw a very dense pattern in a very small area.  You just can't do that with a regular choke tube.  There's all kinds of choke tubes out there, some good, some not so good.  Some cheap, some expensive.  The good thing about a choke tube though is after you buy it, you're done.  Get the best you can get and don't skimp.  The one I'm shooting is an Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike.  It cost $75, but it's well worth it.  Between the choke and shells I'm shooting, everything holds together well enough that I've got "dead turkeys" (on paper) out to 60 yards.
Shells are another thing you don't need to skimp on.  The ones I've got are Winchester X-tended Range #5 shot.  The wad is designed to hold everything together to extend the range, and it does (as evidenced by the turkey I shot a few years ago at 30 yards without a choke tube at all in the gun  ::)  ).  The bad thing about the shells is that they aren't cheap ($35 for 10) but to me, they're worth it.  You don't have to get something as expensive.  I killed plenty of turkeys with #4 Federal 3" turkey loads (about $15/10).
Patterning a turkey gun is a MUST!  Since you're essentially shooting an oversized rifle shot, you've got to know where it's going to hit.  My old 870 that I used to take shot shot high right from where the bead on the gun was actually at.  If I aligned the bead on the barrel with the center of a turkey's neck and shot, I would do good to get 1-2 pellets in the vitals at 20 yards, with the vast majority of the pellets sailing harmlessly over the turkey's head to the right.  Without having patterned the gun before hand though, I wouldn't have known this.  I couldn't tell you how many birds I shot with that gun, putting the bead low and to the left.  O0
Also, different gun/choke/shell combinations shoot differently.  Since you'll have the gun (whatever you decide on), and the choke (get the best you can afford), the thing that you can change are the shells.  You'll want to try different shells to see which ones pattern the best.  Generally, #4, #5, & #6 shot sizes are used for turkeys.  Get a box of #5 of several different kinds and try them (or see if you can bum a shell or two off some of your buddies of several different kinds).  Shoot them and look at the overall pattern for holes where pellets may be missing and count the number of hits in the vitals.  Do this with the different shells that you have to narrow it down to a single brand.  Then try the #4 & #6 shot in that brand and see what the results are.  With a 12 gauge, it's best to pattern at 30 yards.  Get some of the cardboard layer pads that come with pallets of products (available at grocery stores).  These are either in 48" x 40" or 42" x 42" sizes.  You can print turkey head targets off the internet (just do a search).  Put a target in the center of one of the layer pads and shoot.  The cardboard will catch the pellets that don't hit the paper and show where the majority of your pattern is hitting.
As for the rubber boots, check out the Sportsmans Guide.  Look at the Guide Gear 400 gram or 1000 gram rubber boots.  They're really good and won't break the bank.  The last pair I had lasted me 5-6 years and I'm pretty tough on them.  Not bad for a $40-$50 investment.  ;)
We tried to talk you out of starting to turkey hunt Mo.  ;D   It's really not that expensive, but just like any type of hunting, it takes a little to get set up and started in it.  I wouldn't mess with getting decoys yet.  Concentrate on getting a 3" gun, a good choke tube (either Carlson, Indian Creek, Kicks, or Primos), some shells, and getting your gun patterned.  I image that the season is just about over around there, so they should be putting their turkey shells on sale, as well as some of the calls.  Get some friction calls and start practicing.  You'll have until next year to accumulate the gun and choke tube.  If you talk to me nice, I may have some different 3" shells in different shot sizes I could send you.  ;)
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: bohicajuan on April 29, 2013, 05:04:04 PM
BC is right about it not being a rich mans sport, but around here, we have plenty of weenies that just love playing dress up. They spend way too much to get matching camo everything. Instead of spending time patterning their shotgun or learning to use a call. Then they can't figure out why they dont get a bird when they go out.

I always thought the 1200 handled 3" shells? Are you saying it doesn't? I've got the 1300, which came out after the 1200, and mine will shoot 3" shells, but I bought it strictly as a dove gun and don't need 3" for that.

OH DO-DO!! I just saw where you shoot an I/C out of your shotgun and have to go with BC and say, you'd be better off borrowing someones gun or investing in a choke tube!! I/C is almost useless against a turkey past 12-15 feet. Sorry I didn't see this sooner!!!

I think you'd be better off and investing in a X-full choke. Check with a pawn shop and see what they have. Check Gunbroker too, they might have some used ones that are cheap. Needless to say, stop by the next gun show in your area and see what they have.

If you decide you're not going to get a choke tube, you really do need to pattern your gun. If you can get a modified choke on it, you can get kill shots out to say 30-35 yards Max.  if you know the gun and the pattern it shoots.

If you're going with a modified choke, try and stick to shotshells in the #5 and #6 range if thats legal in your neck of the woods. #6 is about as small as you want to go regardless. BC is right about paying for the more expensive shotshells. They do make a difference. Just remember that 1 box of 25 can last 3 or 4 years if you pattern your gun and know what to expect.

I prefer the 5 rounds, but I also shoot a 10 gauge and I can really tell the difference in the 5 pack premium shells. After you've patterned the gun, a 5 pack can last you 2 or 3 years, because you're seldom going to get more than one shot at any given time, and if you miss, the bird will be in the next county before it lands again. IMHO its better TO splurge on ammo. Ammo CAN make the difference

I dont use a scope myself, but I do use tru-glo sights. They're pretty cheap and you can put them on yourself, But neither is required, because what you have now on your shotgun is perfect and will get the job done as long as you know the gun and its capabilities.

I also agree with BC about Guide Gear products from Sportsmans Guide. I've been using their stuff since 1977 and have never had a problem. Their boots are really good quality and you'll save money if you go through Sportsmans Guide, more so than Bass Pro and Cabelas, but if you can get a deal at one of those places by all means jump on it.
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: MOSPARKY on May 01, 2013, 12:43:52 AM
Wow I had no idea the turkey loads were so different. I have no idea wheither they come in 2 3/4. If they hold THAT tight a pattern, I can see where the special chokes and possibly scopes become a valuable asset. My gun shoots very low so I have to hold my head real high to make the bead and pattern agree. That's most likely where things went wrong.

 Bo, the 1200 Winchester was a 2 3/4 gun, the 1300 was virtually the same gun with a 3 inch chamber and a slightly different ejector spring. I remember calling Winchester when I first got the gun from my step-dad. I was asking about the use of steel shot safely. Yes it will handle steel with all 3 factory chokes which I have( if I can find them). The conversation turned to barrel interchange and they told me that the 1300 barrel will work on the 1200 if I change the ejector spring as well. The 1200 barrel will work on a 1300 with no other changes. Hmmm... Maybe just a new barrel.

 I have never been a fan of Remington for no preticular reason. That might change. They do have a larger variety of goodies readily available under normal circumstances and they seem slimmer in the wrist area for smaller hands. After a long day of shooting that might make a difference.

 The rubber boots are going to be needed for bow season so they are pretty high priority. The season closes this week-end, but I'm out of opportunities, so my season is over. I'll be practicing with the calls and be ready, or at least more ready for next year.
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: Big58cal on May 01, 2013, 11:20:37 AM
I wouldn't try just swapping out the barrel Mo.  If your receiver can't handle 3" shells (which the 1200 apparently wasn't made to do), then it won't matter if you swap the barrel out or not.  I'm sure if you compare the receiver lengths of a 1200 vs. a 1300, you'll find the 1300 is probably a 1/4" longer.  ;)
Yes, they make 2 3/4" turkey shells, but they're pretty hard to find any more.  All of the "good" loads are in 3" and 3 1/2".  There is a BIG difference between turkey loads and normal field loads.
The choke tube is going to be one of the most important things you can buy.  Some companies label their chokes as Turkey chokes, others label them as Xtra Full, some X-Full Turkey.  It all comes down to the constriction.  You're looking for something in the .660" - .665" constriction for a 12 gauge (except for a Mossberg 835 - theirs run at .675").
The reason I mentioned getting a Remington 870 is because of several factors.  First, the gun itself is tougher than s*it!  :o   I saw a gun in goose pit once beating the crap out of one with a hammer and screw driver down in the receiver trying to straighten a piece out.  He finally just took the entire piece out (broke it off), and the gun kept working!  Other reasons are that they're pretty common.  You should be able to pick up a used one pretty cheap.  With as common as they are, there's a ton of after-market accessories for them.  ;)   The 870 Super Magnum I've got has the black plastic stock on it currently.  I'm going to take it off this year and put either a pistol grip or thumbhole stock on it.  All I use the gun for is turkey hunting, so I might as well customize it for it.  O0   The other great thing I've noticed about the 870 is that generally wherever it points, something dies.  >:D   They're just good all around guns for about anything that you'd need them for.  I've got a rifled slug barrel for one of mine and used to deer hunt with it.
After this gun stuff dies down a bit, keep your eyes open at the local pawn shops.  You should be able to find a decent deal on a shotgun there.  The Mossberg 835 is a heck of a turkey gun, but to me, those thinks kill on both ends, even with light field loads.  :o
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: MOSPARKY on May 02, 2013, 08:38:24 AM
I shot a buddies Moss 500 with slugs. I know what you mean about kills at both ends. Something about the posture between me and the gun, it about broke my nose. Not the gun itself but my thumb behind the receiver slammed back into my nose. I find the safety position on the back of the receiver a bit inconvienient.
 Not sure about the barrel swap. First off, I looked on GB. I can buy the whole gun for the same as a barrel. I would have to pay slightly more for shipping and FFL, but that's pretty minor for the rest of the gun. I'll have to get an empty 3 inch from SIL and see if it will eject.
 Good thing I got time on my side. Prices on GB are ridiculous. A Moss 500 which sold at Wally World a year ago for $230 is about $400 right now and most are some tactical configuration (thanks Biden).
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: Big58cal on May 02, 2013, 09:57:47 AM
Honestly, I'd stay away from Mossberg 500's.  For some reason, they're too hard to find good chokes for.  Look on Bass Pro or Cabela's web sites at the Carlson, Indian Creek, Kicks, and Primos turkey chokes.  Notice what models of guns they make them for.  Try to find a gun in one of those models.
To me, the stock on a Mossberg just doesn't fit me right.  The comb doesn't have enough drop to it and it eats my cheek bone up.  I've tried shooting several models and they all do it.  The 870 doesn't do that to me is one reason I like them so much.
Used to be, you could buy a new Remington 870 Express Magnum (3" version) with a wood stock for around $225.  Now, used ones are going for $250-275.  :x
Was looking on Gunbroker and found a pretty nice one used one Mo.  Little expensive at $275, but it's already got a turkey choke. (
Here's a fugly one for $250.  ;D   But it's in KY.  O0 (
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: MOSPARKY on May 06, 2013, 09:00:11 PM
Interesting thing about all those high priced guns none of them have any bids on them.
 I think I could really get onto the whole turkey hunting thing but in my case it will pay to be patient. I threw my name in the hat to get into the apprentice program for meatcutters (they are the only ones who can use the saws). It occurred to me the other day that if I get it, my work day will be from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. That's the entire hunting day.
 I'll go ahead and practice the calls and get the boots I need for other seasons and if a screaming good deal comes up on a shotgun when I got the cash, that too. It just doesn't seem prudent to search out and buy a new gun or decoys when the odds are I won't have the time to use them.
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: Big58cal on May 06, 2013, 11:17:54 PM
I don't know, look at it like this........  Get the boots, you know you can use them multi-season.  As for the shotgun, keep your eyes open on GunBroker and visit the pawn shops in your area.  See if any of the pawn shops will do layaway or a payment plan with you.  If a good deal comes along, jump on it.  You can always use another gun.  >:D  Besides, a good shotgun is such a versetile gun.  You can use them for squirrel, waterfowl, deer, turkey, upland birds, etc.  All you have to do is change the choke and shells.

Really, check into the layaway with some of the pawn shops in the area.  The one where I get my guns does it.  I've got 2 there now that I've been paying on, a full size .45 and an AR-15.  Went by there today and paid some more on the guns.  O0
Title: Re: Round one: Turkeys 1/ Mo 0
Post by: MOSPARKY on May 06, 2013, 11:34:16 PM
I don't know, look at it like this........  Get the boots, you know you can use them multi-season.  As for the shotgun, keep your eyes open on GunBroker and visit the pawn shops in your area.  See if any of the pawn shops will do layaway or a payment plan with you.  If a good deal comes along, jump on it.  You can always use another gun.  >:D  Besides, a good shotgun is such a versetile gun.  You can use them for squirrel, waterfowl, deer, turkey, upland birds, etc.  All you have to do is change the choke and shells.

Really, check into the layaway with some of the pawn shops in the area.  The one where I get my guns does it.  I've got 2 there now that I've been paying on, a full size .45 and an AR-15.  Went by there today and paid some more on the guns.  O0

Yeah, that's the only reason a shotgun is still on the list. I'll check into the lay-away thing. 2 of the 3 local shops seem like decent folk and the gunshop where my HMR came from just might be a good choice.