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Title: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: Big58cal on November 04, 2014, 11:27:21 AM
Man, it was cold!  :o   Too cold for this early in the year anyway.  Got up and it was 17 degrees.  Woke my brother up.  He got up, looked at the temp, and went back to bed.  ;D   So needless to say, I called him a certain part of the female anatomy for the rest of the day.  ;) ;D ;D

Gun season opens next weekend, so I've been trying to fill my buck tag prior to that.  All of the gun season, I've been concentrating on the boy getting a deer.

Luckily the wind was right for me to hunt the blind where I've been getting pictures of some decent bucks, so I got up there and settled in.  About 7:30 I had one of the bucks come by that I've been wanting to get, but he was too far out.  I tried grunting and bleating to him, which did bring him in closer, but he was in a jungle of thick stuff and there was no way in the world I could get a shot at him.  Hopefully Mason can get him next weekend.  That deer was actually the one Mason was wanting to get anyway.

About 9:30 or so, I had a flock of about 25-30 turkeys come up the hill toward me.  It took them forever to feed their way up there to the bench.  I had picked out a couple of spots earlier where they were and ranged them and knew it was 40 yards to one and 44 to the other.  With such a big flock, trying to get 1 turkey by itself and turned sideways is no small task.  ::)   Finally, 1 got where I needed it to and I let the Excalibur bark.  I saw the Luminock light up as the arrow covered the 40 yards in a fraction of a second and saw it disappear right in the wing where I wanted it.  O0

The turkey jumped, went about 15 feet and fell over, DRT!  O0


Not the critter that I was hoping for Sunday morning, but it'll do.  ;) ;D

Attached below is a picture of the exit hole in the opposite wing.  Gotta love those Shwacker broadheads.  O0   Didn't figure I better put that one on Photobucket.  They would probably take it off.  ::)
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: MOSPARKY on November 04, 2014, 11:19:21 PM
Nice bird. Man, them Shwackers really do the job. They sure ain't the cheapest out there but the results you get make them look worth the price. Gonna put them on my wish list.
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: John Andrews on November 05, 2014, 09:04:52 AM
 :shock:  :twisted: O0 Wow! Nice going, BC! Those heads sure do work!
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: Big58cal on November 05, 2014, 01:36:38 PM
Thanks guys!  O0   Actually, those heads aren't any more expensive than any of the other ones.  I think they're about $25 for 3 or something like that.  The blades are easy to resharpen, and then there's also replacement blades you can get.  I bought 2 packs three years ago I think and have just been replacing the blades.

Below is the exit hole on the doe I got opening day this year.  O0
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: bohicajuan on November 05, 2014, 05:19:29 PM
About time you got rid of some of those turkeys, I mean all they do is hang around and let you feed them. Too bad you had to use that fake bow instead of a real one! ;D :twisted: :roll: :-P

I better not hear you shot my mule or my groundhog though! :twisted: :twisted: :roll: :roll: :wink: :wink: :-P :-P ;D ;D
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: John Andrews on November 06, 2014, 09:30:29 AM
 :shock:  O0 Wow! That's some exit hole!
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: Big58cal on November 06, 2014, 04:44:40 PM
Yeah, those freaking turkeys are out of control down there.  ::)   Trouble is, I've got 3 more tags, but I can only get 1 more, most likely.  :tickedoff   Stupid regulations here.  They mandate that even though I'm using a crossbow, I still have to kill the turkey during one of the 2 fall shotgun seasons for turkey, which are each a week long.  One is in October the other is in December I think.  Now how freaking stupid is that??

Not to worry Bo, that groundhog is safe for another year looks like.  I got a couple of pictures of him a week or so.  He looked like a little furry blob he was so fat!  ;D   With as cold as it's been getting, I imagine that he's hunkered down in his hole taking a nap.

Still getting pictures of the mule.  :x :x   That thing is weird.  3 weeks ago, I had pictures of him WAY UP in the woods, up near the ridge, on 2 different cameras, and then found crap from him on the road way down to the South side of the property (the fence is down up near the North side of the property).  The next week, I didn't have any pictures at all of him.  Last week, I had pictures of him on 3-4 cameras, but only once.

The landowner was over bailing the hay on our farm a week or so ago.  My brother and I were talking to him before he got started.  He asked if we were getting any pictures of the deer back in the back.  I told him no, but I was getting quite a few pictures of his mule.  ;D   He hung his head a little and said that he had fixed a big section of the fence, but it must not have been where we were talking about the mule going through.  NOPE!  ::)

Fake bow, huh?  At least mine has cut some blood this year.  ;)

Yep John, I think they open up to over 2" wide. O0
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: John Andrews on November 07, 2014, 10:40:38 AM
Perhaps that mule is a jumping mule, clears a fence like nothing. Rope that mule and ride him hunting!  :D

How do you cook your turkeys, BC? My wild turkeys always come out like dry cardboard.
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: Big58cal on November 07, 2014, 01:41:58 PM
This this just strolls through where the fence is down.  Irritating animal!

As for cooking the turkey, the easiest way that I cook it is to take the breast off the bone, and then take the legs and thighs off (and take out the heart, liver, and gizzard of course  ;) ).  Cut the breast into strips about 1/4 - 3/8" thick, roll in seasoned flour and fry.

The legs and thighs I put in a crock pot and cook the same way that I do the Squirrel N' Noodles, with the chicken broth and egg noodles.

We have cooked the whole bird before though.

Skin and gut it.
Put it in a cooking bag.
Put a stick of butter and a whole, peeled onion inside the bird.
Pour some chicken broth inside the bag.  Don't know the amount, just use your judgement.
Rub butter on the outside of the bird.
Sprinkle poultry seasoning on the outside of the bird.
Lay some thick-cut peppered bacon across the breast to keep it moist.

Tie up the bag.
Cook 3 hours at 300 degrees.

I think that was the time/temp that my Step-dad cooked it at.  I only saw him do it once and man it was good!  :o O0

I don't really have a need to cook a whole bird, so I've not done it myself.  Besides, I like the fried breast better.  O0
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: John Andrews on November 08, 2014, 05:41:01 AM
 O0 Thanks very much, BC!

I bet you add to your freezer this weekend.  :twisted:
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: Big58cal on November 11, 2014, 01:14:23 PM
O0 Thanks very much, BC!

I bet you add to your freezer this weekend.  >:D

Nope!  :x   The boy and I went, but didn't get anything.

The freaking wind really threw a kink in everything!  :tickedoff   It was all over the place!  We hunted a blind that I had up Saturday morning and had 13 turkeys come in.  We watched them for a while until they left.  A little while later, a spike came in and Mason was going to shoot it, but that thing was on a mission!  He went across that flat at a slow walk and wouldn't stop for anything.  I tried everything in the world to get him to stop, short of yelling at him!  He was only at about 25-30 yards, so the shot wouldn't have been anything.  I could have made the shot with him walking, but since Mason hasn't shot a deer, he doesn't know how to shoot at a moving deer.  About a half hour after that, a button buck came in, but Mason didn't want to shoot it because it was too small, and I told him that we didn't shoot buttons down there.  He practiced putting the crosshairs on him and I made sure he knew what I was talking about when I was telling him to "shoot for the opposite leg" on a deer that was quartering away.  We had to get out of there before 11:00 though because the wind was going to radically switch on us.

In the afternoon we cleared out some leaves around the base of a couple of trees up the hill from a logging road that has a scrape on it.  I've had a camera on the scrape and have gotten quite a few daylight pictures of deer hitting the scrape, plus I've got another camera about 30-40 yards away on a trail coming up out of a deep hollow, with the trail heading toward the road.  Sat there and didn't see anything.  :x

Sunday morning we hit the blind up on the ridge where I got the turkey and saw the buck that Mason has been wanting to get last weekend.  The wind wasn't "perfect" but it was OK for anything coming up from our side of the ridge.  Of course, we didn't see anything.  :x

Riding out on the 4-wheeler, we jumped up 4-5 does but couldn't get a shot at any of them.  We went around and changed all of the cards in the cameras but didn't see anything.

I didn't want the boy to be too tired for school yesterday, so after we got done checking the cards we came on back up here.  :'(

And wouldn't you know it.......  As I was going through the cards, the blind that we hunted Saturday morning, the buck Mason's been wanting showed up on that flat and stayed for a few minutes Saturday afternoon around 4:30 PM.  :tickedoff   The wind was wrong, so there was no way we could hunt there though is why we weren't there.

Don't know if he's going to go with me this weekend or not.  I kind of doubt it though.  A game that he's really been wanting releases today.  I told him that I would get it Friday when I get paid, so he'll probably spend the weekend playing that thing.  ::)   More importantly though, it's supposed to be colder than snot this weekend.  I don't know if I want to get him out in that stuff or not.  I've got the clothes to stay out in it, but I don't have the clothes for him.  It's hard to spend $150-200 on a set of insulated bibs and a jacket to have him outgrow the stuff in a year or so.  ::)
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: MOSPARKY on November 11, 2014, 09:58:58 PM
That's exactly why my kids don't have the stuff either. The youngest is finally out of high school and about done growing, upwards anyways. She got a $150 bass pro gift card at their graduation all-nighter. She gave it to me as reimbursement for something her mom fronted her money for. Guess she's gonna get it back soon. I got her a bow like mine and she wants to hunt small game at least, but has no camo. Maybe now it will fit for more than 6 mos.
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: John Andrews on November 13, 2014, 09:11:51 AM
Yeah on the wind messing us up and kids outgrowing clothes!   :sad:

Wife and I buy grandkids clothes and they outgrow them quickly.  :shock:

I was chasing squirrels in the wind one day last weekend, was pretty poor hunting. I saw only one gray and nailed it.
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: bohicajuan on November 14, 2014, 04:36:48 PM
Kids? What are those?


BC did you get a positive ID on the guy trespassing you got a picture of? It wasn't one of those ginseng hunters was it?
Title: Re: Was Out Sunday Morning
Post by: Big58cal on November 17, 2014, 01:47:25 PM
Forgot to ask my brother if he found out who the trespasser was.  It wasn't one of the ginseng hunters though.  This one was hunting.  Looks like a younger guy, maybe late teens or early 20's.  It's got to be someone local around there.  Based on where he came from, I'm guessing that it's someone that lives back a gravel road on the back side of the ridge.