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Title: Fathers day Prairie dog shoot ,What a gal
Post by: D45/70 on June 21, 2015, 08:15:12 PM

My Boy is up in AK fighting fire.
His wife is going to take Me and her dad on a prairie dog shoot in the morning .
You know She is defiantly NOT a newbie and knows her stuff. She will do the driving , we will probably have to do the packing.
It is about a mile in to where we're going to shoot, she made the plans.
Is that great or what ?
I am truly a blessed man, AND today it was there 15th anniversary .
 How much stuff do we have to pack? A bunch I think I'll throw the game cart in her truck .
Each of us will have two rifles and probably 300 shells for each , water and lunch.
I wonder if Jimmy Johns will deliver ?

Well we did the hunt

 We all did darned good, Lots of PDs.
The weather sure could have been better, Stiff wind and cloudy with a threat of rain. I was packing only  the 6mm, D-I-L had her 17 hornet, and her dad had his Howa 22/250, all wonderful for Prairie dogs.
 But I still felt I was cheating and in the wind I probably was a little. To keep it even I only shot as close as 200 yards  and let them do the close up dirty work.
We all shot around a hundred shells and probably hit around 45% ish maybe a Little higher. Good all in all shooting.


 when we first started the walk in we ran across some VERY BIG DEER crap, right...
After the first volley of shots, two cow elk and two calf's got up and ran off how odd. We are shooting in the middle of the prairie.




Title: Re: Fathers day Prairie dog shoot ,What a gal
Post by: John Andrews on June 22, 2015, 06:42:49 AM
  O0 Was a great day, D! Is strange about those elk. How old were the calves?