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Title: Coyotes again
Post by: D45/70 on November 28, 2015, 09:17:33 PM
I'm sure glad the general deer season closes two week early up north. I just can't get out in full camo crawl around in the brush and make animal noises where there is a bunch of half drunk week end hunters shooting 300 win. mags.!


We "Ran" up north of Tiber yesterday, man 120 miles to the first set.

Light wind -10* and a few inches of snow.

First set we had to wait 20 minutes for a little daylight but with the full moon when it got close to the horizon light things up almost like dawn so we headed out . We split up about a 1/4 mile and called. In the flat moon light the coyotes could move around with little chance of being seen . POOF a pair stood In front of the boy . The 17 hornet lit up and one fell down the other one cam jetting my way two fleeting shots from the 22/250 and the coyote disappeared unharmed.


ONE for the fur box.

Another set we where split about the same looking up in to different drainages.  'Bout 18 minutes in to the set I had two coming in strong, I whispered in to the mic , got two coming. My son kept calling . They stopped around 200 yards out and got to looking very nerves. I had to try a shot , they where in a line and looking in my direction , a hard shot. I picked the back one first , WAP 22 hit him hard . Its spinning so I looked for the other , Found it booking back up the drainage. Put the hairs above it's head and WAP another solid hit ,man a double. I called Kristopher and we kept calling for 10 minutes longer. A steep walk down to where I shot ,turned out more like 300 yards, good thing it was a steep down hill I probably would have missed. The other one was over 350.

A few more sets and we where at a flat peace of state  and had to put the Toyota in the ditch in order to hide it . Walked out to a small coulee with NO growth to hide. You gota trust your camo. When the call came on the coyotes light up I every direction, and trash talked us for a long time finally I had one pop up. It turned out to be exactly in my scope , I didn't have to lift the gun, it was already on my shoulder, and pointing dead on the coyote.

I waited for him to trot to a stop to look around wandering where the threatening coyotes, was.

Squeezed the trigger. Number 4 was twitching on the ground in front of me at 123 yards.


Just sitting on the snow in my whites and a slight slope being me, Humm, Gota trust your camo.

Some more sets and we where in to Fort Benton. VERY nice day calling !!D

Title: Re: Coyotes again
Post by: John Andrews on November 29, 2015, 04:13:13 AM
  O0 Wow! That was some hunt, D! I sure like your pictures, too!
What was the temperature during your hunt? And will you be using that fancy rifle you recently made for some coyotes or are you saving it for heavier game?

Your .22/250 certainly is lethal. More so, the shooter behind it is REALLY lethal.  O0

Your big MT coyotes sure do look prime.

As smart and wary as coyotes are, your snow camo sure works great. What camo are you using, just white or white/black?
Title: Re: Coyotes again
Post by: D45/70 on November 29, 2015, 01:24:58 PM
The temp was actually very decent with the slight wind. around 5*.
We almost never shoot factory ammo . The 17 hornet  is kinda new and still working loads but it is a 20 gr hornady bullet going on the faster end of the spectrum.
 The 22/250 we use Varget and a 52 gr. Berger varmint at just under 4000 fps.
My son has a white and black Gilly and I use natural gear jacket and bibs white and black with some yellow  it matches the grass on a hill side perfect.  All white is to white . I also use Kenetrek snow Gaiters to hold the bib legs to my boots and keep them from freezing and slapping together as I walk.
 Toped with a face mask that matches, just plane jersey brown gloves the gun is brush camo.
The 6mm is not a good fur gun... Maybe late in the season when you can't get a coyote to come in closer then 300 yards or if there is a chance for a wolf to come in to the call.
Title: Re: Coyotes again
Post by: John Andrews on November 30, 2015, 04:49:51 AM
Sure looks to be just the right gear, D. I was considering a .17 Hornet but got a .17 WSM when they hit the news and market. I quit reloading some years ago and the new .17 rimfire fits my needs.

You must have a healthy population of coyotes even though you have wolves. You are limited to one wolf per year?