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Title: I hate it when I have to waste a day
Post by: D45/70 on February 02, 2016, 03:41:52 PM
  Yesterday afternoon , I picked up the Little GD after school. She was chosen "student of the week" so she gets free stuff at a local convenience store and her name on there sign. We stopped in and she got a corn dog, chips candy bar and a freezie, she was in heaven. Got back in the Suburban and nothing would not start. Humm, got out and tried to wiggle the battery cabals , they where good. Turned on the light , fine. Would not even TRY to turn over. We walked 13 blocks , 27* to here house. Wife and Daughter brought dinner to her house and wife and I went home in her car.
This morning I drove wife to work and went to the parts store 7:00 sharp. I looked on the 'puter before and it showed they had a Rebuilt starter for my Sub, I asked for it. No we don't handle that brand anymore, of course it was $29 the one they have now is $69, OK. I grabbed a bunch of tools from my shop before I left home, and went to the parking lot where the Sub spent the night. 20* I put on the coveralls ,jacked up the front a little and slid under. The starter is not the hardest one I ever changed but you know how much fun it is to work on your back in the semi dark in 20*. Got it off in good time, I let it down a little to take off the wires the Big battery and one to the solenoid. Dang the starter end of the cabal snapped off with no effort and the oil sender wire in the same harness pulled in two also. Never had a cable fail on the starter end ?? The sender is kinda normal . Crap.
Went to get a cable, Parts store had one but it was a size 8 wire and only one wire off the side, I have a #2 wire cabal and 2 wires off the side. I went to the dealer They have 3 listed in the "Book" 2 are not made anymore and the third the have to order 2 week and $150 WHAT ! Off to the Local farm and ranch center. Picked a tractor cable , a little longer but #2 wire and 2 wires off the side $15... Back to the truck I re-did the sending unit wire so I have plenty of room now and with the new cable I can take the starter out and then take off the wires and not pull the other one apart.
 MUCH better By now it's noon and all the way up to 30*. Works great . drove back to wife's work and she brought me back to the Sub. While I was working I got a text My Base pass was ready to pick up, I was Kinda on that end of town so why not. I would normally do it when I was working , it is a work pass. I get out there and tell the young officer I needed to get my pass. They looked for 20 minutes and found the approved paper work. I presented my old pass they start the process and stopped. This one is not expired yet, you have to come back tomorrow, but I'm here today, Nope tomorrow . Dang.
By now with no breakfast or lunch and only 15 minutes to go get the little GD at school well you know I was not a happy camper...
What a waist of a perfect coyote calling day
Title: Re: I hate it when I have to waist a day
Post by: John Andrews on February 03, 2016, 06:44:52 AM
 :shock: Wow! Speak about a bum luck day, D! And of couse, it had to be in the dead of winter.  :tickedoff

Was a smart move going to the farm supply store. At least you saved a wad of money.

Bum luck getting your new pass renewed, too. They could have renewed it that day, as for my 2 cents worth.

It was fortunate you wasn't stranded far out into the boonies when your starter failed and no cell reception.

Y'all are ready to nail some song dogs now, huh?

When is your wolf season?
Title: Re: I hate it when I have to waist a day
Post by: D45/70 on February 03, 2016, 12:03:02 PM
Wolf runs from Sept 1st to march 15th , so it's STILL GOING ON
Title: Re: I hate it when I have to waste a day
Post by: John Andrews on February 04, 2016, 05:44:51 AM
Nice long season, D!