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Title: Got One.
Post by: bohicajuan on April 04, 2016, 07:52:26 PM
Saturday morning opening day. I'm walking a firebreak about forty-five minutes before daylight. I walk a little and then hoot. I walk a little and hoot. Then I hear a real owl hoot back! I immediately start patting myself on the back. I walk a little more and hear a gobble from what sounds like the adjacent property. I plop down with my back to a pine tree and I use the firebreak as my main shooting alley.

Nice set up all way around. Then I felt a drop of water, followed by a steady rain. Not too heavy but I know its useless to call. So I figure to wait it out, and just sit and let the rain come down. I close my eyes and start to get sleepy.

You know that feeling you get just before you nod off? Well, I start getting in that state. So it's still raining but not much. Next thing I hear is what sounds like an a gobbler screaming in my ear.

I must have jumped ten feet, but the next thing I see is a gobbler in the firebreak about 30 yards away. Without even thinking, up came the 10 gauge and fired one shot. One dead gobbler. Just a hair under 19 pounds and a 6 inch beard and spurs that I can only guess at. But the spurs were more like nubs.

Took it to my deer processor and for $40.00 had it plucked and smoked. If BC had been here,I could have gotten him to do it and saved all that money! ;D 8) :roll: :wink:

This is the first year Georgia hunters must call in their deer and turkey kills and of course being the upstanding lawman and conscientious hunter I followed the rules and called. The system was down. Called again and lost the connection. On the third try got through and did my civic duty. I still say it sucks and good looking upstanding lawmen like me should be exempt.

Of course had I been hunting at BCs place I could have killed about 40 birds and never left his front porch! :-P :twisted: :roll: :wink:

Later that same day I hit the local PFA, and caught 4 largemouth with a 5 inch crazy worm. All in all not a bad day.
Title: Re: Got One.
Post by: MOSPARKY on April 04, 2016, 10:40:04 PM
Congrats, you had a well deserved day  O0
Title: Re: Got One.
Post by: John Andrews on April 05, 2016, 06:31:50 AM
Congrats, you had a well deserved day  O0
  O0 Yeah on that! It probably looks like a turkey farm when viewed from BC's porch.  :wink:

Was a nice day for fishing too, bo. You done good!  O0
Title: Re: Got One.
Post by: bohicajuan on April 07, 2016, 07:22:47 PM
It was pretty nice. Of course it was all by luck. I've killed a couple of birds over the years without calling. About half the time it was either raining or had just stopped. Not a hard rain, just a slow steady or heavy sprinkling type. The kind it takes about 15-20 minutes to get you wet all the way through. No point in calling imho, because I've never had one call back if it was raining, but if you can find them before they fly off the roost and put yourself in a good ambush location, you can let the weather work for you.
Title: Re: Got One.
Post by: bohicajuan on April 07, 2016, 07:30:29 PM
Btw...Fishing those 5 or 6 inch crazy worms are the best thing in the world for small bodies of water like farm ponds. You go light with no more than 10lb line. I use 8. I add some split shot sinkers about 15-16 inches up the line. I prefer 3/0 but no bigger than 4/0 hooks and since the worm is a floater it comes up off the bottom and with the split sinkers weighing down the upper part of the line, if you take a two or three slow turns of the crank on your reel and maybe a little pump every so often it can really catch bass in still or slow current water.
Title: Re: Got One.
Post by: John Andrews on April 08, 2016, 05:57:31 AM
 O0 Yeah on way to catch fish, bo! A secret my brother taught me was to fish like that and fish the worm super slow.
Title: Re: Got One.
Post by: Big58cal on May 02, 2016, 01:16:02 PM
Congrats Bo!  O0

The turkeys and weather haven't been cooperating with me.  :x   I hunted for 5 days straight when the season opened and saw 2 jakes and a hen.  The boy was with me when we saw the jakes, but he spooked them trying to get turned around on them (came in straight behind us and didn't gobble).  Since then, it's been raining on the weekends so we haven't been able to go.

It's looking like this weekend it's supposed to be dry.  We'll head down to the farm and give it another shot.  Last weekend of the season.
Title: Re: Got One.
Post by: John Andrews on May 02, 2016, 11:42:25 PM
Good luck, BC! I hope the weather holds for ya!