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Title: annual conformation shot with the 45/70
Post by: D45/70 on September 09, 2018, 10:32:37 PM
With bear season knocking on the door I felt I needed to shoot the 45/70 just because .
Today we where out calling dogs and I took the '70 along to shoot it.

The dogs did not want much to do with us the boy did miss one somehow.

We found a spot , the wind was slight and we set up directly in to the wind . Using a cardboard box and a sheet of printer paper with black marker lines. Used the rangefinder and placed it at 100 yards.

My 45/70 marlin ,CB 26" barrel is finicky how it wants to shoot.

The first shot, aka , the kill shot will hit higher then the next several shots.  That IS with a few fouling shots. Let it set and cool to cold and the shot is repeatable takes a LONG time to get it "IN".

My ding bong cheep ass scope will change the POI when I change the power, so I sight in at 6 power and leave it. ALL that said ; I have done all that a few years ago and never had to re do it. The load I use is hornady 300 hp. and goes 2495 fps., Good bear stuff.

I set down with my coyote belt, seat, and my shooting sticks.

I held dead on the cross on the paper, held tight on to the gun, plenty of recoil, and fired. 2" high dead center, perfect just how I left it. The boy had his 375 h&h and wanted to do the same.

We messed around with his after he shot the paper. Had a "Gong" disk we put out at 400 and shot it till we just did not want to do it anymore. I picked up the '70 and did one more shot , it was cold by then and put another hole touching the first and I felt it "will do" ...

Ready for bear, this year the bear curse will end, maybe.
Title: Re: annual conformation shot with the 45/70
Post by: John Andrews on September 10, 2018, 04:10:11 AM
 O0 Yeah on ending that bear curse, D! You have done everything possible to be ready.  :twisted: