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Title: New Photo Album Posting Instructions
Post by: Gutpiles on February 25, 2005, 06:07:35 PM

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Be sure to check out the new photo album on the main menu!!!!   Check out the features..... you can upload pics, embed videos or view a slide show !!   Just click on the "Pics" icon in the right sidebar....then click on an album.  From there you can view or load pics easily!  O0

When you upload your pics, be sure you are in the correct album and if you have any questions - don't be afraid to ask!!!!   Enjoy!!!

To get the embed codes - just click on "details" for your pic:

If you want to embed them in a post just paste the "BBC" code into your post! 

If you want to post the pic on anther site - you can use the HTML embed code or direct link!

 8) 8) 8)