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Title: hunting mags for soldiers
Post by: Meat Hunter #737 on February 23, 2006, 06:15:38 AM
I was thumbing through some of my old mags ( as bathroom reading) and pulled out an Oct. '05 edition of Petersons hunting... the editorial was "subscriptions for soldiers" now I've read this before but was reminded of it...I figured since I'm getting some tax money back I just may do that, for those over there who would like to be reminded of hunting back home...I am ex-Navy and on the ship the only thing to do before bed was reading old magazines that reminded us of the U.S.A., I'm dropping this link because I think if a couple of us are reminded of what its like to be in the service we might be able to lift some spirits over there... and click the link for supporting our soldiers...sorry but you'll have to cut and paste, because I havent figured out how to drop the link here...