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Title: Good Hunting Opportunity :)
Post by: AB on May 04, 2006, 05:02:21 PM
One of my exotic ranches called with a special deal you might like to hear about.  Weekend hunt including lodging for all you can shoot wild hogs and one exotic doe (Axis, Fallow, Maybe BlackBuck).  He said he would charge me $350 a hunter and I could keep what ever else I got over that, but it is just the $350 for the Gutpile Crew  (if any of you slackers can make it down this time  ;D)  This should be going on for the next month plus, but if you are seriously interested you should go ahead and book now before he changes his mind about prices or availability becomes an issue.  At this ranch there are a tremendous amount of the exotic does, and lots of Hogs.  I am planning to go out there on a scouting trip (or maybe a killing spree) tonight and tomorrow and see what the animals are up to. .. 7500 acres of land that is gorgeous and you never know what you are going to see on it.  Let me know...