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Post by: sticker pt on June 03, 2006, 04:22:08 PM
 there are two distinct periods when a majority of antler rubs are created. the first rubbing activity usually occurs during the first three weeks of sept, when bucks are still in their bachelor groupings. now is when they are developing their herd rankings. this is when they decide, within their local society, which are the superior animals and which are the subordinates. moreover, the very first rubs are made by the dominant bucks in the region, due to their anxiety to get on with the business of firmly establishing the herd pecking order. how many rubs does a mature buck make? according to deer biologist Larry marchingtion, a mature buck makes anywhere from 69 to 538 rubs in any given year. or an average of 300 rubs. with the peak rubbing period of mature males being the first three weeks in spet, this means a dominant buck can be expected to make at least 14 rubs a day. all of us hunter's should therefore mark on are aerial maps and topo maps the exact locations of the first rubs they discover during early scouting missions, as they were likely made by the largest deer in the immediate area. the second flurry of rubbing activity takes place during the first week of oct, this is when the other lesser deer in the region engage in their rubbing.. do you know they say that a bucks rubbing behavior is directly tied to seasonal mast production. when there is a bountiful mast crop. us hunters can expect to find a much higher number of rubs than usual. conversely, in years when mast production is low, rub densities may be 30 to 60 percent less then that of the previous year! because a bucks physical health is dependent upon mast.   i just thought i would give you something to read tonight.  O0
Post by: Gutpiles on June 03, 2006, 06:05:38 PM
Excellent Gut Pilin' Info!  :twisted:   
Post by: ncbuckhuntr on June 03, 2006, 08:01:37 PM
Good info ,I havent had much luck around early rubs most rubs I hunt over are freshly made in late Nov on large trees near scrapes.