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Title: Support Sunday hunting Bumper Sticker
Post by: CJ on June 03, 2006, 07:25:17 PM
Todd is a personal friend friend of mine and a good hunting Buddy from Maryland.


the upper eastern shore chapter of the maryland bowhunters society is selling, "I support sunday hunting, and I vote", bumper stickers. half of the money raised from the stickers will go directly to the mbs legal action committee. the stickers are $5.39 for two shipped to your door, or $5 for two in person. if interested in expressing your support for sunday hunting and to help out our legal action committee send a check made out to, "mbs uesc" to

todd bonner

1232 rock hill rd.

pasadena, md.


the best way that ive found to put them on is:

1. clean area with window cleaner

2. spray area with window cleaner

3. place bumper sticker on area while still wet

4. squeegy out air bubbles with license or credit card

5. postion sticker in exact location and let dry in sun