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Post by: sticker pt on June 03, 2006, 08:19:56 PM
 #1. You're bow-hunting and a big buck has stopped right under your stand. Where do you shoot him?.  A. shoot to the side of the spine and try to make the arrow pass through one.  B. shoot straight down, aiming for the spine to break his back.  C. wait until the buck begins walking away. and then aim for a spot right between the shoulders blades.  D. wait until the buck starts walking and turns slightly, then try to shoot through his liver and into the chest cavity and lungs. answer with A.B.C.D.  WILL POST ANSWER ON SUNDAY 6/4/2006       ( ANSWER : D. Aim to the side of the spine at an angle to the off-side front leg. That way, your arrow will pass through the liver and penetrate at least one lung. This is a super-deadly close-range shot. Any other shot especially one straight down is too risky. )