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Post by: sticker pt on June 04, 2006, 05:31:01 PM
COME ON GPS HUNTER'S YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE GRADE ON THE QUIZ.  #2. The rut is peaking and the morning is clear and cold with a heavy layer of frost and a light breeze. Which is the best stand to hunt this morning ?  #A. The downwind edge of a doe bedding area.  #B. The downwind fringe of a traditional buck bedding area.  #C. A big scrape along the edge of a food plot.  #D. The edge of a heavily used food plot downwind from a trail.   Answer given on 6/5/2006. pick A.B.C.D  O0   ANSWER: A. In the morning, a know doe bedding are is best because that is where the deer will be heading-and you can be sure that, sooner or later, bucks will cruise by as well. feeding areas are also good now, but usually only in the evenings.