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Title: know deer in site
Post by: sticker pt on July 13, 2006, 08:33:23 PM
 have you ever been out in the wood's a few weeks before the season starts and see deer running all over the plave and see some of the biggist tracks you have ever seen in your hunting life, then a week are two into the season you don;t see any deer are tracks at the same spots that had all those deer a few weeks ago ?. well the deer are still there they have just adjusted to the hunting presser and mover back off the roads a bit deeper as hunter we are know that getting into the woods with are gear can be a pain in the butt ( here in fl, sept still in the 88 to 90 deg mark hot ) what i'm saying is mover about 1/4 mil off the roads that you have seen allot of deer act-in past few weeks the deer tend to know whats up and move back to that 1500 yard mark and hang up till dark then move to the state food plots. me and my bud just last year went out at high noon and started to still hunt sfter we made are way more then a 1/4 mi off the main camp road the 1st cow-horn buck we jump was laying just inside a some pine row and to make this less boring for you for about 2 hr's we kept jump deer small buck's and doe's this all happed at place's where most hunters throught all the deer have moved back into the deep deep wet swamps. it just shows if you don't want to sit in camp and think about where have all the deer gone get and do some walking it's amazing  how many deer get of the beatin path and wait us out (SMART) ONE MORE THING when the hunting slow i will move along a long drit road that i see deer cross all over the place through out the year and find a down fall tree and just set up you know the deer are in that block it's just amatter of time before some one walks through the woods and jump ,some deer up are some hammer head trys some off roading, the end result is somebody are thing will drive the deer to you. thats why i keep my fold up decoys on my pack if i move for what ever reason i move i have a cardborad deer decoy with me. NOTE" IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE OUT SPELLING PM MADRIVER AND HE WILL DE-CODE MY SPELLING FOR YOU ;D ;D
Title: Re: know deer in site
Post by: John Andrews on July 16, 2006, 09:09:01 AM
Sticker, you are absolutely correct about the early deer season and the deer moving when pressure increases.  O0 I squirrel hunt and keep track of the deer as season progresses, and see the same thing.
Title: Re: know deer in site
Post by: rice river on July 16, 2006, 03:58:24 PM
Same thing after season.  Once all the "visitors" leave after rifle season the big deer come out.
Last year the other half went muzzle loader hunting a couple weeks after rifle season.  Sat down the ridge from my stand and shot a huge deer!  It was a 12 pt but weighed in well over 200 lbs.  Up here that's a nice deer!
Title: Re: know deer in site
Post by: sticker pt on July 16, 2006, 06:25:24 PM
THAT WOULD BE A STATE RECORD HERE IN FL. it always works that way you can sit stand/ground for 3-4 days a see not a thing then you bud walks in the last day of the season and shoots the deer you whare after. >:(
Title: Re: know deer in site
Post by: AB on July 17, 2006, 01:23:41 AM
That is because the deer all smell you from three miles away!!!  Infact.. I think that I just caught a whiff of it over here!!  ;D   ..... and here you were thinking I was gone and you were safe!!   O0

P.S.  Sorry it took me so long to call.....

Title: Re: know deer in site
Post by: sticker pt on July 17, 2006, 01:57:35 PM
 did you call me ??? ???   and let's play nice now it's getting close to bow season and you might need some advice ;D.  AB do you get boar hunter magazine ? . it's good to here from you O0