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Title: new camo
Post by: sticker pt on July 31, 2006, 12:00:17 PM
well sitting here doing some work and it hit me i need to order some  new scent lok camo so i went to basspro and order 2 set's of savanna scent lok in mossy oak brush it look's good and should work well in the oak flat's and in the open fields i hunt with that wire type grass (stony told me what it was)  man counting the day's  sept 13 is the opening date for bow O0 :) O0 :) i will be sitting somewhere on that monning then my special hunt that i was drawed for starts on sept 28/2006 i'll get there a few day's before the start. O0 well i better get back to work talk at you all later. p.s i hope all of you out in gps space have a great day :) O0