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Title: Elk in KY?
Post by: southern sun on September 10, 2003, 02:11:54 AM
do I understand corretly, that there has been some elk released in KY in the last several years? as I live in IL, I am Interested in this. 8)
Title: Elk in KY?
Post by: Big58cal on September 10, 2003, 06:59:53 AM
You understood right.  We have the largest elk population east of the Mississippi.  This past year was only the second year that hunting has been allowed on them.  It was done by a lottery draw, with 4 bull tags and 6 cow tags being distributed.  Nonresidents can apply, but only a maximum of 1 tag will be issued to a nonresident (if they are lucky enough to get drawn).  Two other bull tags were also allocated, but were donated to conservation organizations as fundraisers for elk management (one was the RMEF, can't remember who the other one went to).  I know of 1 P&Y taken, and I think a B&C taken.  There's also several others that are still roaming that are truely nice B&C animals.

The elk restoration zone is primarily in  South Eastern KY, and the hunts are held on public land.  The restoration zone encompasses 14 counties, with another 10 county buffer zone going around these.  Starting this year, legal deer hunters may take an elk during deer season, if it is outside of these 24 counties.  The KDFWR (Kentucky Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources) doesn't want the expansion of the elk into other parts of the state (don't ask me why!).  The herd is approximately 2,500 animals right now, with a target of 7,500.

For more information, visit the following link:
Title: Elk in KY?
Post by: DeathFromAbove on September 12, 2003, 09:22:54 PM
I'm hoping Western North Carolina makes it to that point some day.  A few years ago, a small "seed" herd was shipped in and they've done fairly well.   Big58Cal - how long did it take them to reach the hunting stage in KY?  We're in the baby steps right now.... maybe someday...... :wink:
Title: Elk in KY?
Post by: Big58cal on September 13, 2003, 11:06:15 PM
They started releasing the elk in the winter of '97-'98.  The first hunt was during 2001, so 4 years.  There's been a lot of discussion (really HEATED I might add) about the harvesting of cows before the restoration effort is done.  The reason for it (according to the KDFWR) is to get people in the mind-set of taking cows.  It used to be very taboo to take a doe during deer season.  It's taken quite a while to change that mentality (and still exists), and to get people to shoot does to control the deer population.  The KDFWR doesn't want this same thing to happen with the elk.

KY has been very agressive in their stocking efforts.  The only thing that we're somewhat worried about now is CWD.  Since there's no test for it on live animals, and it can be dormant for a long time..........................  Only time will tell though.