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Title: Looks Like I'm Done For The Year.
Post by: bohicajuan on November 21, 2006, 02:18:00 AM
I just spent the last 7 days at my 2 hunting clubs and bagged one more doe. But that big 10 pointer I saw during bow season has turned invisible it seems.

As far as I know he wasn't taken by anyone else so hopefully he'll be around next year...Assuming he's not taken by somebody during the remainder of this season.

I zapped my doe at my club in south Georgia where we run deer with dogs. I was standing in a fire break and she came trotting out and I popped her at less than 20 feet. One load of 00 buckshot from my 3 1/2 inch Mossberg Ulti Mag was all it took. She never knew what hit her. At this club we divy up the meat with the shooter getting the roast. Gonna' be some good eatting that I'm going to serve up when the bowl games start.

We had a total of 7 deer and 2 hogs taken over 2 days by 33 hunters. We lease 20,000 acres so you can see we're not on top of each other. The biggest was an 8 point that weighed a little over 130 lbs live weight. Deer this close to the coast are the smallest in the state and any deer over 190 lbs is considered huge.
All the deer and hogs were shot with buckshot with the farthest range being about 40 yards more or less.

This type of hunting is my favorite although it's the least productive in terms of numbers or size. It's only legal in the southern third of the state and due to lease fees and hunters caring less about the hunt and more about the kill, I'm scared that this type of hunting will be gone in ten or fifteen years.

After leaving that club I drove up to the one I saw the 10 point at hunted by myself on Friday and had two others join me Saturday and Sunday and we struck out totally. The three of us didn't see beans. I stopped by the cooler/processor and was told that this year seems to be about 20 percent down from last year.

I was told that a massive 12 pointer was taken one county over that will score 180+ green in the Boone & Crockett typical catagory.
I didn't see a picture of it but it must be a mule to be sure.