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Title: Calendar and Event Details
Post by: Gutpiles on July 20, 2007, 03:15:16 PM
Ladies and Gents - with the hunting season rapidly approaching, now would be a good time to start adding your season start dates to the GPS calendar.  We want it all, deer, elk, bear, rabbit..... you name it......let's see it.  Just click on the "calendar" button at the top, then look for the "post event" link at the bottom of the page.  Then just fill in your information!  Be sure to enter an Event Title and Subject that will be easily found with a search.  (ie:  Michigan Bow Season - Deer).  You can enter details that will automatically post to a new board category that we've just started ("Important Dates / Events")   O0  It doesn't have to be season / regulation related either.  If it's an event or date that's important to the outdoors, throw it out there for your GPS brethren! 

I've heard you can get a jump start on date specifics at (   :wink: