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Title: Got your food plots planted?
Post by: Jeepkeedy on September 26, 2003, 03:45:42 PM
Our camp's work day is tomorrow.  Planting seven 1 acre plots.  I've recently moved to AL and really excited about hunting the "black belt".  The other guys on the lease (all locals) have planted rye and turnips only for years.  This year I've talked them into planting a mix of wheat, oats, rye. and Austrian winter peas.   Really hope it comes up good.    I tried to get them to plant last weekend as rain was forecast for 3 days.  Of course now there is none forecasted for at least a week. Bow season starts on the 15th of Oct.  Man am I ready.  Just curious as to what others are doing.
Title: Got your food plots planted?
Post by: Big58cal on September 27, 2003, 09:37:29 AM
I got my main one in the ground a few weeks ago.  It's got clover, chickory, and brassica in it, and is about 1 acre in size.  I got to check it last weekend and it's looking great!   :D

I'm going to go down today.  This weekend, in between bow hunting, I'm going to try to get the other stuff sewed.  I'm putting in wheat, oats, rye, and a little more brassica scattered out in different places.  Hopefully, everything will be up and being used by the time muzzleloading and gun seasons come in.

DON'T FORGET THE FERTILIZER AND LIME!!!!!  You're just wasting seed and time otherwise. :x
Title: Got your food plots planted?
Post by: southern sun on October 21, 2003, 03:32:08 AM
a little over a month ago i put in my first plot. is about 100 feet by 10 feet. this is just a starter. plans are for it to be 125 x 75. that ought to be good. the thinner grasses are about 5-6 inches and the clover is about2-3 inches tall. there are so many deer tracks through it, it looks like they've had a parade. hope that's a good sign. i used biologic  ?green patch, i think it was and full draw, i mixed them together. the neighboring property has about 30 acres of the big leaf clover. don't know what it's called. those deer should have enough food! :D  :D
Title: Got your food plots planted?
Post by: Big58cal on October 21, 2003, 07:05:15 AM
Hey Southern Sun, the second stuff that I put out was the Biologic Green Patch and Full Draw also.  I looked at it this past weekend and it's starting to come up pretty good.  The only bad thing about it is that is only an annual.

Try to get some kind of perinial and plant.  The clover and chickory is good.  The big leafed clover you're talking about is some type of red clover.  It's got a big purple head on it.  Deer seem to like the little white clovers better.  I usually plant about 3:1 white to red clover.  This year was the first time that I've tried the brassica.  I'm definitely going to put it out again in the future though.  The deer are tearing it up!!!! :D   This past weekend, I had one deer after another coming in and eating in the plot.