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Title: Good Morning Hunting
Post by: Big58cal on October 05, 2003, 10:02:57 PM
This morning was the second time I've got to get out and go deer hunting this year.  The first morning, I saw about 25 turkeys, but none would get close enough for a shot.

This morning was a great day.  I was in a ground blind on the edge of a clearing where my food plot is.  I had a gray fox come in for about 5 minutes.  He and I stared at each other during this time, with him eventually going back the way that he'd come.  Then at about 9:20, I looked over into the food plot and saw a small buck crossing it.  I put the binoculars up, but they kept fogging up on me.  While I was trying to watch this one, I saw "the BIG BOY"!  I never could tell exactly what he was points wise, but he was big!  Even looking at him at 110 yds with the naked eye, I could see at least 8 pts on him, but the mass was awesome!  I watched them for a few minutes until they went on up the hill.  About 10:00, I had a flock of turkeys come in, in front of me.  Got my bow at about half draw and decided to let down because there wasn't a good shooting lane open.  Add in the usual bunch of squirrels, hawks, and song birds, it was a great morning!

Our muzzleloading season opens in a couple of weeks.  I put a ladder stand up today in the general area the deer were this morning.  Hopefully, during the MZ season, the big boy will be back in that food plot! :twisted:
Title: Good Morning Hunting
Post by: Gutpiles on October 05, 2003, 10:07:04 PM
Sounds like you had a great morning for all of us spectators.  Haven't had a chance to hit the woods yet!  :cry:   Makes me jealous - I love days like that - even if I don't bag anything -  can't beat it!   8)