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Title: Winchester, model 70 for Sale
Post by: fd-ems-emt on April 29, 2008, 04:37:45 PM

Due to me not being able to do anymore hunting out west. I‘m putting my long range rifle up for sale... 

For sale is a Winchester, model 70, .264 Win Mag.  Serial # G12685XX. It was made in 1977.
I bought it in early 1978 and put about 600 rounds of factory ammo threw it.

It has a 24 inch barrel. The bore is in Excellent Condition with no rust or pitting.
The exterior gun metal is in very good condition.
The stock is a Custom Boyd’s Laminate stock.
Overall the gun is in Excellent Condition and shows only minor signs of wear.

$900.00 shipped to your FFL.

Pictures are attached…..

I have 200 rounds of .264 Win Mag ammo for sale. Willing to trade equal value ($300.00 Shipped), for Remington / Federal ammo in .308 Win, .30-30 or .223