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Title: I'm still alive!
Post by: Tenderfoot on November 24, 2008, 04:04:30 PM
And praise the Lord. I took my ballasting engine off the back of my boat so we could get through the weeds easier and cannot use it on this lake we were hunting anyways. So we were trolling out saturday morning. It was 25 with 15-20mph winds(freakin freezing for a southern boy). Long story short, I froze up half-way out(3 miles) and gave my dad the helm while i cover up my frozen eye-balls. Next thing I know I hear "OH DANG!" rip the cover off my face and see the front end of the Celeste going UNDER THE LILLY-PADS! I ripped my dad by the collar of his shirt to the back of the boat to even out the weights and try to stop us from plowing under even further. Then I ripped the troll cords so we weren't being pulled under more by my nice-new 40# bow-mount. The front end lifted out of the lake when we both climbed on the back bench with no time to spare. The boat walls had about 3'' between the tops and the water in the bottom of the boat. So we bailed and froze up and drove back in. 20 minutes later in the freezing morning winds we were at the ramp and I drove my soaked father home. He was starting to halucinate I think and it was looking bad, but he warmed up enough I felt comfortable going back out.  I din't feel like taking the boat out again on this opening day, so I just waded along the shore a little distance from the ramp. I saw more woodies than I've ever before. Most were 10-15 yards out of range, but I took a few shots(missed, of course), but I did get to see my ducks this morning. I got set up about 2 minutes before shooting light ;D So don't tell me we aint got guardian angels watching us, that could have been real bad, real quick. ;D
Title: Re: I'm still alive!
Post by: nOnAmE on November 24, 2008, 07:43:10 PM
Aw that's messed up dude.  That would've sucked for sure.  Why do you think the boat started going under like it did?  Glad you lived to tell about it! O0
Title: Re: I'm still alive!
Post by: turkeynutz on November 24, 2008, 09:34:23 PM
Man, you were lucky. It aint easy warming up after you get soaked in cold water! Glad to hear you made it. O0
Title: Re: I'm still alive!
Post by: Tenderfoot on November 24, 2008, 10:24:12 PM
well, I am about 75# less than my dad, the troll batery was in the front of the boat(too lazy to have fixed the leads to so it sits in next to the transome) and I was so cold I did not climb all the way back into the boat when I handed off the helm. Could have been as soon as we switched we were taking on water but just didn't notice in the dark or feel the wet with so many layers on. Also one were had recovered a large, but low floating mud-mat was spotted in the channel. All of the above could have contributed with the stiff breeze(chopping up small waves). Next time I leave the engine on, mount the troll on the transome and sit on the back sit with my passenger. My dad aint to great with driving-last time he did he ran into an oyster bar in the bay with a hugely strong current. Had my shear-pin snapped we woulda been pulled out pretty quickly( or I would have rowed into the bar and climbed ashore with a roap). We must both be getting senile, cuz I only unloaded 2 shells from my gun the other day :shock: Thank goodness the safety was on when I loaded it up. This weekend I also tried to fire a musket without loading it. No powder, no wad, no ball.
Title: Re: I'm still alive!
Post by: nOnAmE on November 25, 2008, 08:32:19 AM
 ;D TF sounds like you have too much on your mind or something.  Life dealing you some stress? :sad:
Title: Re: I'm still alive!
Post by: Tenderfoot on November 26, 2008, 12:19:59 AM
Actualy I was freakin out about 2 weeks ago. I've since become rather stress free and realy had/have nothing to take care of last weekend and this weekend. I just got dumb I guess :uglystupid2