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Post by: Tenderfoot on February 12, 2009, 11:58:08 PM
The days are getting longer affording me about an hour in the evening to fish or hunt. I tried a different lake for snipe this evening and got into a little trouble. I'm not sure what happened, but I must have died and-like all good duckhunters-gone to arkansas. There were a total of 2 snipe on my 2.5 mile wade, but the ringnecks were in this marsh. This marsh is a rather new thing on the lake, which had been drained for most of my life, but filled with our last storm season. I did not know that a 1 mi sq freah water marsh was holding THOUSANDS of ducks just on the other side of my favorite waterfowling lake. I didn't care much about the bad sniping when I got to watching the near continous cloud swirl off the water and fly over my head by the hundreds. Just an obscene, unimaginable, unprecidented amount of ducks for this area. 1 and a half hours later and countless sqauds gone by, and I noticed a few quail land some distance to my left-right after shooting light.

I plan on going out next week and getting some video or pics of the ducks if they stick around that long-but word is they've been there for at least a week- i just thought the waterfowler who told me was full of liquid corn.