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Just Jawin At Camp / Re: OK B*tches, I'm Back!!
« Last post by John Andrews on March 16, 2018, 05:19:59 AM »
 :shock: Rattlesnakes that close to home!  :knuppel2 Wow!

When my brother and I were kids he and I killed the biggest rattlesnake I have ever seen in Iowa. The spot where we killed it with rocks is about 80-100 yards from where I am sitting. We haven't seen any more in town.

I think you need to give some folks some snake shooting lessons, BC!  ;D Your place sounds like good snake country.

  O0 I'm glad to hear you and the boy got in some good hunting and he has taken to hunting like you, fortunately. It's sad many dads don't have that much concern for their kids.

I don't see near as much small game I did years ago but I do a pretty good job with the squirrels and rabbits because of my .17 WSM.  :twisted:

Before hunting season opened last fall, an elderly widow was listening while I was talking to a pal at a yard sale. Of course, our conversation was about squirrel hunting.

The nice widow asked if I could eliminate some bird feeder raiding squirrels behind her house in a grove of big oak trees on the property she owns. Her property is close to town and sounded perfect.

When season was open, I called her and showed up and discovered she had no concept of a grove of trees. Her "grove" consisted of three trees and one was of average size.  :roll:

I spotted one gray as it bolted and ran to a nest in the top of one of the skinny trees. I was surprised how wild the squirrel acted and asked her about it. She informed me her neighbor kid had been shooting the squirrel with his BB gun.  :roll:

So, I set up in sniper mode and waited, knowing exactly where the gray offender was hiding. The little devil wouldn't expose himself until I did a mock squirrel call using only my mouth. Sure enough, the bugger started calling from his nest but wouldn't budge. I quit calling and later, talked him out of his nest.

The dumb/smart squirrel didn't know what hit him.  :twisted:

I told the lady if she had more problems, just call me. I haven't received any more calls from her.

My shop is like a deep freezer until the weather warms. 
Just Jawin At Camp / Re: Holy Crap !
« Last post by John Andrews on March 16, 2018, 04:35:11 AM »
  :tickedoff Yeah, Obama really  put it to us! I'm paying much more that some could imagine.

Being a part of the golden years is an expensive joke. I am still working so I can afford the overpriced insurance. It also enables us to have a better diet than cat food and not have to walk the roadside ditches for cans and bottles.  :roll:
Just Jawin At Camp / Re: What Be Up?
« Last post by John Andrews on March 16, 2018, 04:11:08 AM »
Bo has been saving to get a new Ranger.  ;)
  :shock: No kidding? A FORD?  :wink:
Just Jawin At Camp / Re: What Be Up?
« Last post by Big58cal on March 15, 2018, 12:11:56 PM »
Bo has been saving to get a new Ranger.  ;)
Just Jawin At Camp / Re: Holy Crap !
« Last post by Big58cal on March 15, 2018, 12:08:02 PM »
That sucks D.  My insurance covers most of what the bills are, but it's gotten a whole lot worse since Obamacare came about.  :tickedoff   It used to cover everything and we had $10 copays.  Now the copays are $20-30 and we still get a bill from where insurance didn't cover everything.

Hate to think of what it's going to be like when I get up to your age.
Just Jawin At Camp / Re: OK B*tches, I'm Back!!
« Last post by Big58cal on March 15, 2018, 10:47:13 AM »
Yeah, unfortunately John I didn't get out squirrel hunting as much as I wanted to this past year.  :'(   It always seemed something was coming up taking my time.  Congrats though on the critters you did get!  O0

Thanks for trying to hold up my end D.  ;D   It's a thankless job, I know.  ;)

The boy was the reason I didn't get to hunt some.  I cut him loose on his own deer hunting this year.  The early muzzleloading season I heard him shoot just a few minutes after daylight.  Since taking care of him is my #1 priority, I packed up my stuff and went over to where he was.  Found out where the deer had been when he shot and where it had run to.  As I was walking the top of a hill trying to cut the blood trail, we heard/saw the deer jump up across the hollow and take off.   :o   Since it had been about 20-30 minutes since he had shot, I knew he didn't get the hit that he thought he had.  It pissed him off, but I made him back out and we went back to the house to let the deer lay up and die.  After about 4 hours we went back up there and found the deer dead just a little past where we had initially lost sight of him when he jumped up.  O0   I went back the next morning but only saw a little 4 pt.

Gun season I saw a couple of spikes and a couple of does and that was it.  Opening day of the late muzzleloading season I bundled up and looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, but sat all day in the blind.  A little before dark, a small 4 pt. and a doe came in below me.  After they left, 5 does came over the ridge followed by the big 8.  He wasn't the "exact" deer that I was after, but he was good enough, not to mention that late in the season beggers can't be choosers.  O0   After the old .54 cal Knight barked, the deer piled up about 20 yds. down the hill up against a tree.  Little did I know, the boy was up on the ridge behind me about 60-70 yds. away predator hunting.  When the Knight cut lose, he about jumped out of his skin!   ;D   As I was walking down the hill after getting out of the blind, he came walking up the bench.  When I saw him I said, "Just who I was wanting to see!"   ;D O0 >:D

My nephew was weed-eating along the fence back during the summer and uncovered a rattlesnake as he was going along.  :o   Between him unloading 8 shots from his .45 and my brother coming out and shooting 2-3 times with his Taurus Judge, they finally killed it at point-blank range.  ;D ;D   About a month or so later, my brother went into an old shooting shack we had by the barn.  He yelled and came out of there backwards!  I thought he had been stung by a wasp but there was another rattlesnake in there.  :o   He carries a Taurus Judge with .45 LC and .410 shotshells in it.  He tried indexing the cylinder around to one of the shotshells, but he was so flustered he put it under the hammer.   ;D   Of course when he cocked it, it fired a .45 LC.  Swing and a miss!!  ::)   He did the same thing again, but actually hit the snake that time, but it didn't kill it.  He finally figured out what he was doing and hit it in the head the next shot with the .410 shell, killing it.  Both of the snakes were less than 30 yds. away from the house there at the farm.   :o   I took them both to the taxidermist and had them skinned out and put on one display board.  It looks pretty cool, but it's HUGE!  The thing is close to 6' long!

Still running cameras down there at the farm.  I think I've got out 17 right now, but need to put out 3 more I know.  The only bad thing about so many cameras is that it takes a pretty good while to go through the pictures.  The last time I changed the cards they covered about a month and I ended up with 17,108 pictures!   :o   Still haven't even started on that bunch yet.  Still going through the previous time I changed them.

Better bail and get back to work.   ::)
I Hunt It All ! / Re: WOW snow then mud.
« Last post by D45/70 on March 15, 2018, 08:46:29 AM »
That's finally over too No only ever find bulls with Giant racks .
Only good for cows . Hunted all special season and never saw a cow.
 Now its only coyotes, prairie dogs ,and gophers...
Just Jawin At Camp / Re: OK B*tches, I'm Back!!
« Last post by D45/70 on March 15, 2018, 08:43:26 AM »
Welcome back. O0
I HAVE been trying to hold up your end but unsuccessfully I'm afraid.
Just Jawin At Camp / Re: OK B*tches, I'm Back!!
« Last post by John Andrews on March 15, 2018, 03:34:43 AM »
Yeah on that, BC!  O0 I have been here every day and a few others on occasion. D45 has been busy here.

The Boy seems to be following the path pretty good and has a lot of energy and your money to burn, huh, BC?  :wink:

Sounds like a tough hunting season. It was lean here for some of the season. I'm not hunting those big critters you fellas are clobbering but made my mark with some squirrels, rabbits, coyotes, and my favorite, cats, got nailed. I'm using my .17 WSM for most of my hunting. It is puredee lethal.

My daughter Heather showed up here on Christmas Eve and was carrying a gun case in the door. Inside the case was a nice 8mm Mauser for me.  O0 :)

With no decent heat in my shop, I let it sit in hibernation. I will be busy making sparks and grinding knuckles and fingers soon.

Morel mushrooms will be up before long and the fish should be biting.

Yes, I'm still intact and working the dang old day job. We were issued new vehicles, uniforms, plus upgraded weapons and gear a while back.

I Hunt It All ! / Re: WOW snow then mud.
« Last post by John Andrews on March 15, 2018, 02:57:49 AM »
Yeah on NUTZ, D! Maybe you cull some elk?
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