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Just Jawin At Camp / Re: Your thoughts please
« Last post by John Andrews on November 16, 2018, 03:51:11 AM »
  O0 I think your long living batteries prove it is a wise investment, D. If not for the tenders, your batteries would have given up their ghosts long ago.
Just Jawin At Camp / Your thoughts please
« Last post by D45/70 on November 15, 2018, 02:13:44 PM »
Ever wonder???
Up here in the cold plains of Montana, your car can need some help.

The early , dark cold mornings can be rough on a car's motor and starting system. Often times I don't run the car/ truck to get it all warm and charged back up, sooner or later you can run out of battery. I don't put either in a garage, a car port is as good as it gets. I DO plug in the "tank" , frost plug , heater in as soon as I park it for the night. I have a battery Blanket on the car that plugs in with the heater. You think a Battery tender would be  cheep insurance?

I have a tender on both boats that stay plugged in  all year when not in use. The "big " boat has 4 batteries  that stay in all year, 3 Optima that are for trolling and are 18 years old. The BOAT battery is a glass mat used for starting and is 5 years old, I think the tender is the reason . But on a car/truck I would tie it in to the same plug as the heater And it would rum all night every winter night.

I can get two 1.5 amp. tenders on Amazon for $34 bucks ,free freight, one for each vehicle. Think it is worth the effort ?
Just Jawin At Camp / Re: Dang
« Last post by John Andrews on November 13, 2018, 02:57:11 AM »
  O0 That's a good point, MO.

D, Do you wear artic gear there?
Just Jawin At Camp / Re: Dang
« Last post by MOSPARKY on November 12, 2018, 10:57:28 PM »
Maybe you could make the upper portion of the prop cage removable and position the prop just right you could leave the airboat on the trailor. I'm sure it would be nice to have the boat and trailor taking up the same piece of realestate.
Just Jawin At Camp / Re: Dang
« Last post by D45/70 on November 12, 2018, 09:22:34 PM »
The deer is fat but lacking in the topper department .
 I pasted several larger on top this year.
The deer season ended up north in my coyote hot bed , that means I needed to get over the deer thing so I can get back to my passion ,killing coyotes... All the smaller lakes and streams are frozen now so duck and goose and coyote is the only game in town.
We are planning a call up on a big lake ,we will take the jet up there and call from the boat.
Just Jawin At Camp / Re: Dang
« Last post by John Andrews on November 12, 2018, 02:05:22 AM »
 O0 Wow! I can see why you had to raise the roof and also, nice deer!
Just Jawin At Camp / Dang
« Last post by D45/70 on November 11, 2018, 04:04:02 PM »
In between working on the waterbug, Working, Getting the yard ready for winter, and hunting.
 I had to expand my boat port. I had to raise the existing 16x24 roof a foot and a half and add
 another 24x22 roof.
 I'm as tall as the city will let me go , I will have to take the 'bug off the trailer and store it on the
 ground to get it in, Dang it.

 You can see why.

 That was hunting yesterday

Deer Hunting / Re: Hard to "Pass" on easy deer
« Last post by John Andrews on October 31, 2018, 04:51:55 AM »
Yeah on close but no cigar, D!
Deer Hunting / Hard to "Pass" on easy deer
« Last post by D45/70 on October 30, 2018, 03:35:55 PM »
Dang it's hard to pass up an easy deer.
Most our deer come out of some god forsaken hole or WELL off the trail/road.

So Far this year I have "passed" on 3 shooters, in hopes for a "Better" shooter. AND! There where easy deer to retrieve. Two on grass prairie not over a 1/2 mile from the road and one was in an alfalfa field where we had permission to " drive" any wear we wanted with the 4wheelers. The prairie deer where under 350 yards and 4 point " western count" typical mule deer. Quite wide and tall but wimpy on the mass, probably 2  / 3 years old but ,fat pigs. The one on the field was a white tail and was  little farther. Honestly I had the cross hairs on him for a LONG time. He was only like a 3 point but had HUGE mass, a very mature deer and probably will never have more points. I think if he would have given me a shot I would have taken him, he was walking almost straight away from me, not even a Texas heart shot. His rack was dark chocolate brown kinda cool looking. :crazy2


Only time will tell I guess.
Squirrel Hunting / Re: SQUIRREL HUNTERS
« Last post by John Andrews on October 23, 2018, 04:50:06 AM »
 O0 Yeah on that, MO!
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