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Author Topic: What have you done that 99% of the people on this site can't say they have done?  (Read 4688 times)


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I was a floral designer for several years. And one of my jobs was funeral flower work. I had people that would want me to make the arrangments in place so as to look more natural. I had one that his sister wanted stargazer lillies and red roses draped to the floor. It cost 1300.00 for that arrangment.


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Hey BS, I use to catch squrrils with a frog gig. And chase down those dillo's down the railroad tracks and pick em up by their tails and throw em off the bridge there. ;D You know those suckers do bounce. :twisted: :twisted:

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I have killed a wild hog with a knife......... :idiot2

shot a .50 cal. Barret rifle....

caught water dogs with my hands out of the Pigeon river....

survived hunting trips with Ellwood.... ;D ;D ;D

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I have shoveled snow off my sidewalk-----------In August !!! :uglystupid2
DO to the increasing cost of energy, Gas,and Electricity. The Down turn in the economy.
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I have worked a job that required a chem suit

Had a Zebra gut sack explode (with violence) while skinning it

Skinned over 300 bobcats in a 2 month period

Had so many flea bites from coyotes i looked like i had chicken pox

Lived until the ripe age of 30 before going deer hunting (planning on going this season)..LOL

K, that's all i can think of right now!

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What exactly is 99% of the people on here cause theres a few Ive done to  ;D

But heres my list

Combined gardenin and coon huntin

have had more then one life and death scare with AB  ;D

Had a coon decide I wuz a tree when the dogs put alot of pressure on her
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plott, can you say Knock em out John! ;D ;D ;D

OK I went skinny dippen with a blonde and a red head at midnight! GIRLS that is!  :shock: O0
I was on TV as an host before.
I have been in quick sand before litteraly!
I have ran my own bass club before for 5 years.
I have stuck baby copperheads in an asprin bottle.
I have gave the old Okla. state reps. daughter some good hickys in special places before. :-X :shock: :roll:
I have baught and sold a gal in one night too. ;D ;D
I have seen the great wall of Mexico. ;D ;D ;D ;D
I have had kidney surgery manually before (twice).  :shock:

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Hey Strutter any rattlesnake wearing flip flops deseerves to be killed
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hey I just wanna know   am i allowed in on this one, and do we have a line limit???
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hey I just wanna know   am i allowed in on this one, and do we have a line limit???
GET-R-DONE Morax! O0 O0


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