Author Topic: You Ever Watch Roland Martin's Fishing Show?  (Read 1484 times)

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Re: You Ever Watch Roland Martin's Fishing Show?
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Roland Martin was caught cheating during a big bass tournament years ago and was banned from the circut for many years. I can imagine the guy lying.  :tickedoff :knuppel2

I found an item on the net years ago that I've been told by some was bogus, but others have said it was true.

The story goes that Roland was fishing for salmon in the Saint Lawrence river in New York for his tv show and was caught with a SCUBA diver putting a large Salmon on Rolands line. The Salmon was supposed to have been caught by a net and kept in tank or something until the desired time as for Roland to make the big catch.

Don't know if that's an urban myth or if it's true, but considering how these guys NEVER seem to get skunked when they go fishing it makes you wonder.
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