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Re: Greetings
« Reply #10 on: July 28, 2009, 11:41:40 PM »

Been gone for awhile!

Pops and I just got back TODAY from a month + week long (6,325 mile) trip to Vermont to see MY people.

Stopping on the way to and from to visit some of Pops friends and family.  We also stopped to check out some of our Nations famous places.  We had a wonderful trip and a great time.  Saw all kinds of critters to boot.

Now I'm getting ready for a Cow elk hunt starting in a couple days.

To answer some of your questions:

I use to live in Bennington Vermont.  Yep an Army Brat born in Norfolk Va. and raised in the military life till I turned 18 and my father retired.

Pops had not been on for a long time due to loosing his pass word.  BUT he found it a couple months ago and put me on here.  We have both been very busy. We just got married this past October and it's been go, go, go ever since.

Sorry I'm the only girl in the family and the only friend I have who is single and good looking hates hunters and I dare say is border line PETA....hmmmm did I call her friend?? :uglystupid2

Fishing season in full swing and the elk tag to fill I'll keep you all posted.

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Re: Greetings
« Reply #11 on: July 30, 2009, 10:43:50 AM »
Too bad about your pal, DarkAngel. Maybe you can talk some sense into her.  :roll:
Good luck with fishing and your elk tag, and keep us posted!   O0 :)
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