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Author Topic: OK you bear guys,Help please  (Read 3279 times)

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OK you bear guys,Help please
« on: September 24, 2009, 08:02:51 PM »
You guys have seen my last posts about bear:

NOW How can I get the bear. Where we are hunting is just 4 miles out of a town,6 miles from a campground and some cabins all over so they must some what accustom to people. We see new tracks each time we hunt this spot. There are about 7 different bear tracks that go thought this spot, It is a natural "Funnel" the deer,elk,and moose use it a lot too. We cant use bait in MT, We have set up before day light, we did a mid day hunt , we're going to do a Afternoon to dark hunt on Tuesday.I'm not looking forward in walking out in the dark with MR Grizzly in the area.. My question would be What can I do now? I have some " 12 miles of dead fish" Its a type of incense you burn and it smells like Dead fish, It is not considered "Baiting" its a sent masking thing,HUMMM.We even tried our dying animal calls. There is a very nice bear in this spot I would love to get. Any thing I'm missing ??

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Re: OK you bear guys,Help please
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2009, 09:22:45 PM »
I'm sorry amigo, all of my bear kills have come from using dog's, in Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina.

Never done it out west.

I like the idea of the funnel though, also maybe if you can find an open area that allow's you to glass greater distance's.

Baiting might be illegal, but as you said with those cabin's around it's a good bet the bear might be using the area to scavenge. I don't know anything about call's or bear scent, but it might be just the little extra that brings them in.

I'd also stay out all day too. Guy's I've hunted with in the past who are very good bear hunter's have told me that black bear are almost impossible to predict when they'll be moving. So the longer you stay out, the better!

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