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Author Topic: are squirrels really brave?  (Read 2585 times)

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Re: are squirrels really brave?
« Reply #10 on: December 07, 2009, 08:59:18 AM »
I locked up the shop yesterday morning and headed out to a woods where I knew the slug deerhunters were not hunting.
I spotted a big fox squirrel at the edge of the woods, next to a picked cornfield. He appeared on a limb in plain sight, watching me from about 75 yards distance. He was pretty high up in a big sycamore tree. My 17gr HMR Hornady bullet hit him in the center of his head.

Two more almost headless smart grays joined my carry stick before I left for home. I cut across a partly frozen beanfield to a wooded hollow and slipped into the hollow, fully camoed up.

At the bottom of the hollow was a lot of brush with some big oaks and some Osage Orange ("hedge ball") mixed in with a creek flowing down the hollow.

As I stood there, I spotted a gray traveling in one of the Osage trees that was next to the creek. My bullet hit him in the side of his head and he dropped into the creek.

Since nothing else appeared after a decent wait, I slowly and quietly picked up my dead squirrel and did a slow sneak on down the ravine to a good ambush spot  by some big oak trees.

Another gray appeared in the oaks about 100 yards distance, excited about something and running all over a couple of the big trees. when he stopped on one limb to assess his situation, my bullet whacked his head.  :twisted:

I spotted 5 squirrels yesterday and got shots at 3 of them, 3 for 3.  :)
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