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Author Topic: Pheasants!  (Read 319 times)

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« on: December 21, 2009, 04:08:56 PM »
ok, so my dad, who is 43 tells me stories that start with "back in the day" all the time. He told me that around twenty years ago that the crew he went pheasant hunting with which was about 5 or 6 people could all shoot their limit within an hour or so.We hunt in central illinois, in the same places my dad did when i was just born. now it is hard for three or four people to fill their limit in a whole day. Is their anyone else that has experienced this kind of scarcity of pheasants where they live? I think alot of the problem is the coyotes, which i took care of 5 of them during the 2nd shotgun season :wink: :wink:, but could their be any other reason that pheasants have become so scarce?
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Re: Pheasants!
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No pheasants this far south, but predation is a big factor here when it comes to turkey and quail eggs being eaten by coyotes, wild dogs, raccoons and especially wild hogs.

At one time Georgia was called tht quail capital of the US, but land usage changed following the depression in the 30's and what was once excellent quail habitat became poor habitat.

Georgia is now a turkey and deer hunting state and most quail hunting is done on preserves that can manage land specifically for quail.

It's just a thought, but considering how deer hunting has become big business in Illinois these days, maybe people are putting a bigger emphasis on deer than on pheasant, and managing the land more for deer than pheasant.
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Re: Pheasants!
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Carl, I call it education! ;D Things learn where to be and not to be after a lil while. I would find new stoopen grounds less traviled! O0 O0
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Re: Pheasants!
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Hey Carl, there's probably several factors for the decline.  The 2 main ones are probably depredation and habitat loss.  With the decline of fur prices, not as many people are trapping coons as they used to.  These things really take a toll on ground-nesting bird's nests, like pheasants, turkeys, quail, etc.  Other critters, skunks & possums, are probably also to blame, but my guess is not nearly as much as the coons.  Coyotes probably take a pretty good toll on the birds themselves.

The other factor would be habitat loss.  I don't know a lot about pheasants, but with quail, they need early successional stage growth and security/nesting cover.  The old family farms of by-gone days had fence rows everywhere.  These fence rows hardly ever got mowed, so they provided the cover.  Not to mention, every home place had a brush pile or 2 where stuff like that was thrown.  With the move to more urbanization, the old fence rows have been removed, and what was once several small farms is now 1 big farm, with no fences.

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