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Author Topic: CO: Sportsmen Being Pushed from Training Ground for Hunting Dogs  (Read 387 times)

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Colorado Sportsmen Are Being Pushed from the Denver Area’s Last Remaining Training Ground for Hunting Dogs!

Significant acreage in Chatfield State Park and Cherry Creek Park near Denver was originally designated for hunting dog training making these parks vital assets to the sporting dog community for many years.  Colorado sportsmen and women are now being pushed out of these hunting dog-training areas with plans to convert them to dog parks that would prohibit most training activities.  These areas are the only public place to train sporting dogs in the region.  If the area is fully converted to a dog park, then NO place will be left for hunters and sporting dog enthusiasts. 

More Info:  NRA-ILA
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Re: CO: Sportsmen Being Pushed from Training Ground for Hunting Dogs
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To you gutless cowards and scumbags, who are trying to lie and rewrite history. To those out to commit genocide on the Southern people with your destruction of Confederate monuments and your attacks on Southern heritage and pride. Be happy for now. Because someday when that civil war you wanted starts. I will find you. And I will kill you.


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