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Author Topic: trying to get it right  (Read 321 times)

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trying to get it right
« on: August 27, 2010, 04:14:04 PM »
The boy and I headed out to do some shooting this morning...but first we were going to get a new 4x12 redfield scope put on a 257 wheatherby his wife had built. Simple??? NOPE not in Great Falls MT. We hit all the sporting good shops and two gun shops. No one had the 4x12 only the 3x9, OK plan "B". We would have a 3x9 put on, NOT!! Now we where on a quest to try to find some kind of mounts. The gun was built on an old enfield action out of a 308 Norma near 100 years old, no one had any thing that would fit, we had the Old mount ( front pivot Leupold mounts. BUT the new scopes would hit the new barrel and the wind age adjustment area of the scope would hit the mount plate. Crap the day is getting shorter by the hour. OK now we thought,hum, he had the original scope rebuilt but was planing on using it on a different application. Back we go got it all mounted BUT, the old style Leupold scops only have like 18 clicks of adjustment, the back or front has to be "Shimmed first then adjusted,yup no one would do it.We are trying to brake in the barrel so we just need to shoot it not hit any thing. We called a place in Helena and they Have a 4x12 and the proper mounts in stock and will put it on free. OK we will run to Helena soon so of we go to shoot. We shot the 9mil highpoint and the 94 rem 12 gage over 223 my 870 and the new 257 with out a scope. We got the highpoint a 4x scope and are shooting a 3" group at 100 yards and the rem o/u to shoot in the same hole with a 1-1/2x4 at 100 yards the shotgun part hits dead center at 50 yards with shot and at 100 yards with my new load slugs were 8" low and dead on. I've been loading a bunch of different shot shells and took one of each to try. Out of 10 different loads there is two that don't need to be loaded again. Here is some pics.


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Re: trying to get it right
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2010, 09:13:04 AM »
It's quite a trip to find a lot of stuff in podunk areas, especially here in Iowa.
That's a pretty nice old rifle, D45.
At least you and the boy got out and burned some powder.  O0
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