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ATA Indy, anyone go ?
« on: January 12, 2011, 05:33:09 PM »
It was my first, I was fortunate enough to be included with the Harmon Deer Scent booth and I had a blast. 

Very tired, but had fun

It was fun to get out and see and meet people I have dealt with on the phone and internet but never met face to face

Some where just as I imagined and others not.

Got to meet Jim Shockey and his right off Vogue cover wife  ( LOL) and I always thought Jim was kind of arrogant on his shows, don't really know why, however he wasn't in person, in fact just the opposite. And his wife also, she just talked to me like I was a life long friend.   

Same went for Babe Winkelman, really shocked by how down to earth he was.

Really surprised at Mr. Harmon, on the phone he sounded like a big tall guy, however his personality matched what I thought, he was quite the talker.

Also looked at some new products, not as many as i would have wanted, but still was neat


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