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"STUFF" happens
« on: November 30, 2010, 03:45:59 PM »
You know I shoot 1000's of rounds of asst shapes and sizes.I've shot most types of animal available to shoot here in MT.I reload and practice most every week. Well that said this is the "STUFF" I'm referring to.
We have been waiting for our general big game season to end so we can get back out in the wild calling coyotes.We had a Big snow storm come through and it dumped a lot of Snow and the wind plugged up a LOT of roads and the temps dropped to -25* in many spots at night. Monday the weather was forcaste to be a brake,sun and warming trend ( which means wind) and low winds-under 20 mph. We planed our first official calling trip !! Before daylight we where out in some very prime coyote calling grounds. It was a battle with the drifts , in the dark and the wind was up more than promised. Our first set was a 1/4 mile trek in 8" snow and hard packed drifts to 2 feet that would not quite hold us up.The sun broke as we where calling,the dogs lit up. We had them to the south ,we had them to the east, we had them to the west, all singing back to our cal and they sounded hungry and moving our way. That was the MOST interesting thing I ever heard. After about 30 minuets they all shut up... nothing in any direction?Some had been just over the ridge , some still a mile away,WHY!!! We sat there to see if any thing happened, no nothing another 15 minuets here comes some guy with a dog team and a 4 wheeler. He was training his dogs they pull the 4 wheeler for miles for practice,HUMM, that must have been it. The next two sets didn't yield any coyotes just a lot of walking and cursing the weather man. About 12:30 we did a lunch brake and a new plan was made. The wind was just to much to sit in and call. We where going to give in to mother nature and head north 50 miles to the river and try to do some goose and or pheasant hunting. We got 25 miles and for some reason the wind switched and then STOPPED ??? WHOA!!! We stopped and whipped out the Maps, We Needed to find a hunting spot fast before the wind came back and it would soon. With a place in mind we trudged down an almost blown in road till we had to stop. We lucked out and had a place to park where the truck was hidden form where we planned to hunt and the wind was still under 10. It a very brisk walk ( brisk as in just under a slow run) with all our gear. E call, coyote vests,squeakers, sitting pads Gilly suets flapping in the breeze. We where in such a hurry we didn't see the deer that we blue out and ran through where we wanted to hunt. Just over the crest of a hill we set up ,m an we could see for 10 miles in almost every direction. We figured is any thing made a move we would see it. YA Right. 25 minuets nothing not even a magpie. Remember I said ALMOST every direction. Right behind us in our sent stream sat a HUGE hairy coyote watching us and wondering WTF??? He knew that I would be the one to try a shot and he picked the right person. On two of our other sets we called over a prairie dog town and there is always some out even in the winter. I was using some 63 gr varmint grenades that where not tested much. I put to permanent winter sleep 4 of them at 200 yards in the wind. We ran across a cotton tail on one of the hunts where I could only see its eye in a rock field which I promptly harvested. Now here set a 100 pound coyote at 50 yards all I had to do was get him in the scope and at least I would have one. YA RIGHT! I did have to move all the way around but he only stood up and stood broad side. I just got it squared off and he jumped and broke in to a mock 5 run,crap. My boy let out a loud bark It stopped him at 150 I let one of the grenades loose....

YUP I missed.

How come thing like this happen?

We walked out to see if there was a chance I hit him.NO just un broken white snow for miles and tracks stretching off to the horizon. We gathered up our stuff and walked back with out a word. We got back in the truck and All I said was Sorry, and my boy said OK.The trip home was long and quiet...

Except the planning for the next trip.
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Re: "STUFF" happens
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2010, 05:58:48 PM »
that sucks, i hate putting forth a lot of effort for little effect... 

always gotta say this though....  A bad day hunting/fishing is still 10 times better than a day at work!
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Re: "STUFF" happens
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2010, 07:09:03 PM »
hell of a write up of a good day out with your kid, and enjoying the day!!  but thats why they call it hunting
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Re: "STUFF" happens
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2010, 07:47:35 PM »
I just got it squared off and he jumped and broke in to a mock 5 run,crap. My boy let out a loud bark It stopped him at 150 I let one of the grenades loose....

YUP I missed.

Guess you're getting slow in your old age D.  :roll: :wink: ;D
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