Author Topic: kill a dove with a rock  (Read 9576 times)

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Re: kill a dove with a rock
« Reply #40 on: August 10, 2005, 07:10:21 PM »
john i bet your dad couldnt tell that guy "anything" huh. i had a guy argue with me the other night at work that a rimfire does NOT have any type of primer. i told him you have to have some type of spark to "ignite" the powder. he said " naaaaw...just pressure" ;D ;D:roll:

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Re: kill a dove with a rock
« Reply #41 on: December 05, 2005, 12:08:29 AM »
Big 58 cal that was well put, unless you are going to ultilize the animal dont kill it. All animals deserve our respect. I have never enjoyed the kill only the outcome (eating the meat). I have seen slobs shoot at frogs ,butterflies and anything else that moves, how sad not to have any common sense.


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