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Author Topic: Need to trap a Fox  (Read 2765 times)

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Need to trap a Fox
« on: July 07, 2011, 10:54:30 AM »
Whatís the best bait to trap a Red Fox?
I have foot traps and XL Live traps set up to catch a nuisance fox thatís been killing our chickens and turkeys, (yes, I do have a trappers license).

Heís been nonresponsive to fox urine.
Iíve captured him at night and day on a stealth cam, heís very big for a fox and is gonna make a great addition to a coat.  O0

Heís very brazen! He does most of his killing in broad daylight and even within 50 yards of the main house!

Any suggestions?
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Re: Need to trap a Fox
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2011, 05:17:51 AM »
yeah if he is doing it in daylight sit and wait with a rifle..
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Re: Need to trap a Fox
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2011, 08:39:26 AM »
Just make some regular fox sets around where he's working on your chickens. If you could find the fox's den, it would be easy pickings.

I used carp oil in the winter, don't exactly know what would work in warm weather. Maybe use sardines. Problem is, sardines will catch coon, but it may allow you to catch the fox.

Usually, fox go after chickens during night and no later than the crack of dawn. I would be ambushing with a rifle, too. You reckon you could work him into range with your varmint caller?
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Re: Need to trap a Fox
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2011, 01:17:58 PM »
I've only used a few box traps to catch rabbits and one possum.
 If you got your chickens in a coop at night, I'd restrict the doorway to about the same size as a trap, so the only way to get to the chickens is thru the trap. Might have to keep the chickens cooped up a day or so, if he's that active in daylight.
 Otherwise, keep up with the sets around the area and put up with the non target catches. Chances are anything else you catch, you don't want getting to the chickens either i.e. yotes, coons, possum ect.
 This time of year his pelt ain't worth squat anyway and season is probaly closed, pocession may be illegal. That leaves you with the choice of feeding him chickens til season opens or exterminating as a nuisance. The reasons for saving the pelt become null and void due to to time of year and legal fur pocession dates. Might as well ambush the vermin and save chickens. With the price of furs, one chicken dinner for the family would most likely be worth the price you might get for a legal fur. You come out way ahead just exterminating now.
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