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Re: Look what showed up!
« Reply #10 on: December 21, 2012, 10:56:16 AM »
Well, I have always said if I seen a dog running deer and they didn't have a collar on, I would give him a dirt nap. Dog was about 140 yards and couldnt be sure if it had a collar on. Thing is, here it is legal to run deer with dogs, just not legal where I hunt.
I have shot a pretty good number of dogs chasing deer. I was able to call and grab a big friendly hound that was in the act of chasing deer. I grabbed her and placed into my patrol vehicle. I hauled her to HQ and was in the process of locking her  into our canine kennel cage when my boss showed up.

He informed me that was the second time that dog had been picked up and that I should have just shot it like the rest of the dogs. The dog belonged to a farmer on our installation border. The farmer starved his dogs and let them run loose.

Most of the deer chasing dogs are dumped dogs and some are born and bred in the wild. Two feral dogs attacked my boss and me. My boss killed one and I killed the other one. Please note  sometimes feral dogs are very dangerous. The one my boss shot was a big Chow and the one I shot was a big black lab.
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