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Author Topic: How's THIS For A Deer?  (Read 2065 times)

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Re: How's THIS For A Deer?
« Reply #10 on: November 23, 2011, 04:53:17 PM »
I'm sure I've asked this question before but I've forgotten.

Are organized hunting clubs, where guys get together and lease hunting rights to a certain amount of acreage a big thing in Kentucky now? The reason I ask is that  there is an outdoor magazine published in Georgia that I've seen adds for hunting clubs up in Kentucky. Mostly around the Bowling Green area it seems. I just don't recall organized clubs for deer being a big thing back when I was there. Duck and goose hunting yes, but not deer.
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Re: How's THIS For A Deer?
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Nope.  O0   Luckily, that hasn't gotten up here.  The main reason is that there just aren't those big chunks on land like there are down there.  There might be 3-5 guys go together on a lease, or 1 guy that charges guys to come in, but there aren't really that many big "hunt clubs" like you guys have down there.
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