Should the board be expanded to include fishing?

Yes -  that way we cover all seasons of the year...Huntin' and Fishin'  - what else is there?
6 (75%)
No  -  the board is fine the way it is!
0 (0%)
Maybe later - just not right now!
0 (0%)
No - I think we should have a ________ section instead!
2 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 6

Voting closed: November 19, 2003, 02:37:00 PM

Author Topic: What do you think?  (Read 1108 times)

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What do you think?
« on: November 19, 2003, 02:37:00 PM »
I've been thinking about adding another category for the board.  Alot of us pick back up with fishing during "off" season.  (Of course anyone fishing during hunting season will be struck by lightning.   Laws of nature - I don't make them, I just live by them.  :) )  What'cha think?  Anyone want to add a fishing section and let the tall tales fly?

Here's your chance to vote!
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What do you think?
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2003, 11:59:13 AM »

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What do you think?
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2003, 08:03:59 PM »
Yep Yep :D  :lol:  :wink:

Jen :wink:

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What do you think?
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2003, 09:26:19 PM »
I think you should probably add a gun, turkey, small game, community, or Classified (for sale), section before a fishing section.

Not to dampen anyone's hopes, but from what I've seen on other boards, those areas get more hits and topics than fishing sections do.

Just my thoughts though!  I've been out of circulation for a while with a bad back.  It could be the Lortab talking....... :shock:
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What do you think?
« Reply #4 on: November 30, 2003, 05:05:26 PM »
hey a small game section would be great. and i think it would be better right now than the fishing. later, a fishing section would be good. just an idea.  :D  :D


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