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Author Topic: The Mega Amp Call from Cass Creek/ and Report  (Read 324 times)

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The Mega Amp Call from Cass Creek/ and Report
« on: July 11, 2012, 09:30:05 AM »

The Mega Amp coyote call from Cass Creek,any one use it?
I just ordered one from over at under $35 / no freight. If there is ANY thing of value here it would be worth the price. I have a Mini Predator call but in any kind of wind your shut down. My Boy has a Fox pro 5 that is the ONLY caller in my mind, but he has it with HIM . I do 90% of my calling with him but the other 10% I felt I needed one a bit louder. It's coming today and I will try it tomorrow evening . Just wondering what any of you thought.[/quote]

Well a report;


 So was the temperature...

 I went out by Carter and tried out my new Little call. The wind was fairly light most the time it was around 7 mph but a few times it was more like 10 and around 97*,no bugs. The first set;I was set up an a high spot covered in tall grass looking on to some small brakes and tall spring wheat, more wheat then grass. The wind was moving around a lot but mostly a side wind. I had my new home made decoy blowing in the wind to my left, an further review it should have been Up wind on my right. I called for 40 minuets with "Nutten" I tried all 10 calls the last one a Female howl, I got a response,two dogs WAY out up wind. I kept calling they kept calling back and getting closer. When I saw them They were working closer in the long wheat, they would jump up to see as they came. I was high enough to see them  a little better. I could see they where looking at the decoy not at me. As they cane closer it was evident they where going to work past me for a down wind approach and my sent would hit them way before they would turn and come in. At this point I'm doing just a rabbit call off and on and there right at 300 yards. When they hit my sent cone the froze and looked right at me. I had to try NOW,I did. The closest of the two looked like it was only 250 the 22/250 is "O" at 200 so I put it dead center on it's shoulder and shot. It was like on TV A big tuft of fur in the air and feet in the air. I swung to the farther one and it was moving now, I tried 3 shots and only spurred it to run faster. Bummer. I gathered up my crap, tried to find the brass,only found 2, and headed to where I thought I say the coyote fall. I looked in the but high wheat for a half hour, no blood,no fur,no coyote. Dang it. I know I killed it dead I just was not finding it, I left. A few more sets and more Nutten. The last stand found me at our dent bridge spot. I walked in from the south side of the state land it put the wind in my face better. I called for a few with nothing, I tried a Crow in distress. Low and behold I saw movement to my left Right where I had walked in. Of all things a BADGER coming right to my decoy. He was about 5 feet from it when I shot him. At 50 yards the 22/250 really kills a badger... It's a first for me. I don't know if it was coming to my crow or if it just was happening by, I'm going to call it Skill!!!!

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Re: The Mega Amp Call from Cass Creek/ and Report
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2012, 09:54:21 AM »
That thing is mean and ugly.....just like Bo's women!!!

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Re: The Mega Amp Call from Cass Creek/ and Report
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2012, 10:01:09 AM »
 :shock: Nice going, D! Mean critter!
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