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Author Topic: Opening day, first experience hunting  (Read 15299 times)

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Re: Opening day, first experience hunting
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O0 That's a good thing, starting a youngster before he develops a lot of negative ideas about hunting, opinions from antis and other outside influences.

I remember being with my dad hunting when I was 4 years old. I made an excellent rabbit dog and game carrier for the rabbits, squirrels, and quail. We were also popping tincans with his service .38 pistol and shooting his pump up pellet guns. A year later, I was hunting with a pellet gun and soon graduated to a .22 rifle.

What was most important, dad instilled solid gun safety into us as soon as we could understand the concepts. He also taught us to aim small, shoot small. We used stike anywhere wood matches for targets. The object was to light the match, not just hit the match head.  :)

I did the same thing and am teaching my kids to now


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