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MagnetoSpeed test
« on: January 09, 2013, 10:15:17 AM »
MagnetoSpeed test

So far we are liken it! went out yesterday ,in a dry hurricane,and tested 30 or so loads. worked very well and it can't blow down just as you shoot. The strap that holds the unit on to the barrel will have to be made better but the readings where just where we wanted them. The only load I had documented for speed was my hot 45/70. I had it checked before and averaged 2495 fps. Yesterday the temp was around 35* , we checked it before at 85*, the MagnetoSpeed clocked it at 2490 fps average and a s/d of 11. So I think it's accurate. We did several shot shell loads and came up with the published speed out of my 28" full choke 870.I did find out I can ramp up my 22/250 even it put bullets in the same hole at 100 yards it only going 3280 fps with a 52 gr match king. I have some 60gr Nosler going 3800. and a 243 that 3500 so I'm going to up the 22/250 but I'll have to try reloader 15 to do it,just cant get enough Varget in the case.  :knuppel2
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