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Bear -one D4570- 0
« on: September 21, 2013, 07:24:40 PM »
7:00 am after a two and a half hour drive to the Rocky Mountain Front.
   We get out of the truck and hike up to a small, close clearing, Still mostly on the flats. My boy and I do a little quick glassing. My boy spots a bear very quickly , Crap, I look and see the same thing, a bear. There was a few Angus in the area but it WAS a bear. It was way up right next to the "Front", about a mile and a quarter, up a alder filed draw. It was WET ,must have rained buckets the night before, but clear and a giant full moon today. We worked our way up using the alders and terrain between us and him. The brush was so wet our clothing would wick water in to our boot. We had to stop once and poor the water out of our water poof boots. It was the perfect storm to stalk. Everything was wet and quiet, the wind was in our face and the sun was just coming up at our backs. We lost sight of the bear for the last 20 minutes or so we hoped he would still be in shootable range when we poked out head up. AND HE WAS! Standing heading slightly away from us and way to close, under 50 yards, more like 35. There was nothing between us and the bear. After a three and a half hour stalk we ASSUMED it would have moved a little ,so we had stalked to the last spot we saw it at. There was a split second the bear and my boy and myself just looked at each other, not nearly long enough to get the gun up and ready for a still shot. It bolted. This bear was a toad, teeny tiny ears on top of a Giant Pumpkin head, Shiny jet black with a white blaze on its wide chest, Long shaggy thick hear, a belly nearly dragging the ground, and an ass as big as a Buick. One would never guess how FAST it got going and looked like he could out run an antelope. There was only 50 or 60 yard to the alders and that just where he was going. We tried to get on him with the scopes and it never happened. He vanished in to the tangle we had just pushed through ,without a sound. C.R.A.P. ! The biggest bear I have EVER hunted just ran past me and I never fired a shot. We hunted the alders till almost dark then walked out empty handed. I did get him on the gopro, I looked out in the field but, I'll have to work on the video to get it to be seen better.
ONE Big black bear !!!

Oh I forgot to tell you, On the way in we had a heard of elk standing in the road. About 15 cows two six point bulls and a HUGE 7x7. The cows where tying to get out of the road by jumping the tall bear proof fences , without much success. The smaller bulls , if you call two 6x6 elk small, were trying to breed them when they got slowed by the fence, and the BIG boy trying to keep them away. He would stand in front of us in the head lights and bugle , snort , and stomp. After four or five minutes this circus made their way over the fence and in to the alfalfa field and disappeared in to the dark.
WOW! the camera would not take a picture, to dark, I have 20 black pictures.
 ONLY here, man!!!  :knuppel2
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Re: Bear -one D4570- 0
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That must have been one crazy day, D!
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